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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (5/6/2003)

Ok so before we talked about what Gandalf him self does, and what are the basics to him, but now we are going to go though what is his purpose in the maneuver phase in the two towers. Also I have a little rating thing so that on a 1-10 bases. So I'll tell you how good I think this card is. (If I give your favorite card a bad rating then just email me! That’s what its there for!)

Mithrandir, Mithrandir!

Event (3)


Maneuver: exert Gandalf to wound each minion who has STR 6 or less.

Rate: 4

Ok. This is ok but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a power house.
Its good because its wounds a lot of Moria and it also wounds Grima, so in a way its cool.

Roll of thunder

Event (3)


Fellowship or maneuver: spot Gandalf to discard a shadow possession or shadow artifact.

Rate: 6

Why is this soooo important in today’s world? Well if only it were for Dunland this would be a kick but card. But its not just there for getting rid of the piece of (insert bad word) card called “hides” its also in there for stuff like…..the cave troll chain, and his hammer, or Saruman’s staff. So its in there for a lot of reasons and these are just a few.

Stump and Bramble

Event (1)


Maneuver: spot an (isen) minion and an Ent ally. Until the regroup phase, that ally is DM+2 and participates in archery fire and skirmishes.

Rate: 5

This is in there so Treebeard can fight so its cool. Ok so your saying “Jacob why’d you give it such a low rating if its cool? Well if you can't spot the isenguard minion you're screwed. But if you can then you have an extra fighter.

Wizardry indeed

Event (4)


Maneuver: if you can spot more minions then companions exert Gandalf to make an opponent discard a minion.

Rate: 7

AWSOME CARD! Right here is a game winner (every card really is a game winner just depends on how your situation, I once had “company of archers” be a game winner! Go figure) but any way…this card can save you butt a lot of trouble and hard thinking.

Ok EXAMPLE: Frodo has sting and he has a desert spearman on him and every one else has a minion to take care of. And your thinking where am I going to put all these guys? But there’s a southrons solider that the shadow player is going to get to assign (because you always assign the smallest guys to Frodo) him so what do you do? You exert Gandalf and the southrons solider goes away and Frodo lives! All because you read this article and found out that every card is a game winner!

Down from the hills

Event (5)


Maneuver: exert Gandalf 3 times to make an unbound companion with the Gandalf signet STR +5 Def +1 and DM+2 and unable to take wounds until the regroup phase.

Rate: 8

……..wow……ok….cool……so what does this mean?.....it mean some major butt kicking! Got a vanguard staring you down? And a one other extra minion you got to take care of? Well here’s the answer. The vanguard is no longer DM+3 and the other minion isn’t that big and bad any more either. Put him on a buff Aragorn or Gimli and you might win! 12 STR Gimli +5 = 17 plus 2 other little pumps and you just killed a vanguard and another minion! Holy!!!!! (bleep)

ok so what happens if you cant exert Gandalf 3 times? Well as with all things if you cant do it, IT DOSENT WORK!

Fury of the white rider

Event (3)


Maneuver: spot (3) and exert Gandalf to wound a minion twice.

Rate: 8

This is just plain cool because it wounds not once but twice during the maneuver phase. So yeah…..its good.

Ok well that raps up my time right now but if you have any questions or want to yell at me or something just write me at knighttoman@yahoo.com plus at the end of this little mini series ill post a couple of your favorite cards and then you will vote (by writing me) and tell me which one you think is the coolest or best card

Thanks! Sméagol master of the precious

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