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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (5/11/2003)

Ok so part 1 was about Gandalf himself, part 2 was about Gandalf and the maneuver phase, and today is about Gandalf in the fellowship phase.
I also am rating stuff again, so don’t forget! Email me what’s your favorite Gandalf card! And which ever one gets the most votes is the “coolest Gandalf card!”

Grown suddenly tall
Event (5)
Fellowship: spot Gandalf to discard all conditions.
Rating: 5

Ok I gave this card a 5 because obviously, it will not only get rid of all shadow conditions but also all your fellowship ones, so you have to play no conditions if you want to kill conditions.

Have patience
Event (3)
Fellowship: spot Gandalf to heal an unbound companion twice.
Rating: 6

This is cool because it doesn’t heal once, but twice! So if you used some of those big card that make you exert twice then you can heal with this. Plus it’s just a good healer.

Well met indeed
Event (5)
Fellowship: spot an Elf, a (Gondor) man, and a dwarf to play Gandalf from your dead pile.
Rating: 6

Some of you will say now that I didn’t give this a large enough rating and some of you will say I gave it to big a rating. But the reason why it’s not higher is, because for 9 shadow you just brought back Gandalf. Now that’s cool but that’s a lot of shadow and why is Gandalf dead if he’s soooo important to your deck? Why didn’t you kill of some one else? The reason why it’s not lower is, because you can play him from your dead pile! He comes back! The shadow player says “yes no more Gandalf and no more servants of the secret fire!” and then poof he’s back!

A Wizard is never late
Event (1)
Fellowship: play a (Gandalf) character from your draw deck
Rating: 7

If you think about when this came out in the fellowship set it didn’t seem that cool, because Gandalf and a few allies were the only thing you could use this for. But now that we have Ents! This totally changes the use of this card. If you have an Ent deck just use this to whip one out!

And lastly,

Let folly be our cloak
Event (0)
Fellowship: exert X companions to remove (X)
Rating: 6

So now your thinking, “I thought this was just about the new stuff?”
Well I have always liked this card, because every one (in my area) thinks it stinks. But I think that if your fellow ship is doing ok but there’s lot’s of shadow in the pool well you might need to get rid of some of it. Plus you don’t have to spot Gandalf! I had this in my hobbit deck for a while and I really was choking people then. So it’s a cool card.

(It came out of my hobbit deck because I found PATHS to be much more useful)


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