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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (5/11/2003)

Ok so we first talked about Gandalf, then we talked about the maneuver phase, then we talked about the fellowship phase and now we will talk about the skirmish phase. Once again I am rating stuff so if you don’t like it email me! Plus don’t forget to email me your vote on what is the coolest or best Gandalf card!
So let’s get on with it!

*Behold the White rider
Condition (2)
Plays to your support area.
Each time Gandalf wins a skirmish you may place a token here.
Skirmish: wound a minion skirmishing Gandalf for each token here. Discard this condition.
Rating: 6

Ok I’m giving this one a six because it can kill any minion once it’s warmed up. Having a problem with vanguards or trolls? Then just make Gandalf win a few skirmishes and then you can kill off the troll! No fierce skirmish no 22 STR DM +2 troll, he’s just dead.

Keep your forked tongue
Event (1)
Skirmish: spot Gandalf and 3 twilight tokens to prevent all wounds to a companion who has the Gandalf signet.
Rating: 6

It prevents wounds! What more is there to say?.....ok so why did I give it such a high rating? Because it prevents ALL wounds to ANY companion who has the Gandalf signet, so if we have a “trust me” deck going on then we can basically prevent all wounds to any companion (as long as you can spot 3 twilight)

Long I fell
Event (2)
Skirmish: spot Gandalf to prevent all wounds to him. Any shadow player may make you wound a minion to prevent this.
Rating: 7

Ok so you don’t have to spot any twilight (a plus) you don’t have to exert or anything (a plus) and either you stop the wounds or you wound a minion. So this is a really cool card. Either way your opponent looses

Under the Living Earth
Event (1)
Skirmish: make Gandalf strength +1 for each twilight token you spot (limit +5)
Rating: 6
Ok this one is cool just because you have the possibility to make Gandalf +5 STR! So that’s cool.


Servant of the Secret Fire
Event (1)
Skirmish: spot Gandalf to make a minion strength -3
Rating: 9

All around AWSOME! Spot Gandalf and poof any minion is just -3 strength. I have saved Frodo soooooo many times with this card that I have lost count. The point is though that this is one of the best card out there.

Don’t forget to vote! Email me with what you think is the best Gandalf card!

Sméagol master of the precious

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