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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (6/12/2003)

So this is the second to last Gandalf article and also your last chance to vote! What you think is the coolest Gandalf card! I will post what are the top 5 and then email me what you think are the best of those five!

So today we are talking about Gandalf in his response, and regroup.
The rating still goes on so don’t forget to email me!

Into dark tunnels
Event (3)
Response: if you play a (Gandalf) event exert Gandalf twice to place that event in your hand instead.
Rating: 6

This is kind of cool but it’s not awesome. Let’s say you play your last servant of the secret fire on site 8 but you might need it on site 9 so you just play this and you’re safe. Really the only set back is exerting twice.

Task was not done
Event (3)
Regroup: exert Gandalf to discard up to 2 wounded minions.
Rating: 6

Now this is only a 6 rating because in order for a minion to have wounds they must have lost or taken archery or something like that so it will open up moving again but it does not solve all your problems.

Event (2)
Response: if a companion is about to take a wound spot Gandalf to prevent that wound.
Rating: 7

Now I rated this seven because it’s just so cool, when you think about it sense it’s a response you can use it against archery, hate, maneuver wounding, and the skirmish phase. So this just stops one wound.

Strength of spirit
Event (1)
Response: if a companion is about to exert, spot Gandalf to place no token for that exertion.
Rating: 6

This is just like the above spell but it prevents an exert.

Well that’s what they are, there’s Gandalf and stuff, the next and final article about Gandalf is about his possession’s and his artifacts.

Don’t forget to write me at knighttoman@yahoo.com and vote what you think is the coolest Gandalf card!

Sméagol Master Of The Precious

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