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CardShark Content - Jacob Tamon (6/12/2003)

Well I must say this. It has been nice doing all these Gandalf articles. However my email is now overflowing with emails, and yahoo has threatened to close my email (HA) but on a more serious note. I have been able to tally the votes and the top 10 Gandalf cards are as fallows. (Not in any order yet)

1. Servant of the secret fire
2. Down from the hills
3. Gandalf, friend of the shire folk
4. Fury of the white rider
5. Behold the white rider!
6. Grown suddenly tall
7. Have patience
8. Well met indeed
9. Long I fell
10. Stump and bramble

Now I was surprised at these top 10 but the first five did was not too unexpected. Now only 5 were of these advance to the next round these are.

1. Servant of the secret fire
2. Down from the hills
3. Stump and bramble
4. Fury of the white rider
5. Gandalf, friend of the shire folk

I must say I didn’t think that stump and bramble was that big of a favorite but that’s why I did this little tournament, to see what the favorite cards out there were. And now the top three.

1. servant of the secret fire
2. Gandalf
3. Down from the hills

All right well there are the top three Gandalf cards! That you all voted on. I hope you enjoyed this little mini series, and please write me on what you think about this series.

If you have any cards or decks or cultures that you would like to here more about then write me at knighttoman@yahoo.com
I would be glad to here from you!

Sméagol master of the precious

Thank you for your time

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