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CardShark Content - Jacob Ward (7/14/2002)

These are the most useful (in my opinion) Stats in Magic: the gathering. I created this list by using a MTG Card list on my PC, sorting it automatically and then running the stats through my calculator. I have tried to make it as accurate as possible, bu small errors are inevitable when creating something like this. You don’t like it? Try making your own! When making a deck, I find that this sort of thing can be very useful-but a little hard to understand. So here’s what it all means.


Average size: Average power and toughness. This is all the powers and toughnesses added up and divided by the number of records.

Average Cost: Average converted mana cost.

Most Common Ability Bestowed: The ability most commonly conferred by the enchantment onto the creature.

Average Stat Bonus: The average bonus given to the power and toughness of the creature.

I feel that the rest is self – explanatory, but if you don’t understand them, don’t hesitate to email me.

Green Stats:


Average Size: 4.5/2.5

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 3.2

Creature Enchantments:

Most Common Ability Bestowed: Trample

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 2

Average Stat Bonus: +2.3/+2.4


Average cost: 3

Average Life Gain from Life Gain Spells: 5

Conclusion: Green is colour with the most powerful creatures – a good colour for a beginner or an expert because it is easy to play, but hard to master. Most green creature enchantments give quite large stat bonuses to the creatures. Green does have some very powerful sorceries, and a lot or good life gaining spells, such as ‘stream of life’. However, they have only one creature destruction spell (trip wire) and it is very specific, as it can only destroy creatures with horsemanship. Green also only has a handful of direct damage spells (hurricane etc). All this makes a green deck powerful on its own but even more powerful combined with another colour.

Suggested partner colour: Black.

Reason: Black can make up for greens major problem – lack of creature destruction. A deck using greens creatures and creature enchantments, and blacks creature destruction can be a very formidable opponent. The only weakness in this colour combination is that black and green are enemy colours, so have no painlands, or many other lands that can produce both types of mana. Fortunately, green mana acceleration creatures (Quirion Elf etc) can make up for this.

White Stats:


Average Size: 1.7/2.3

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 3.1

Creature Enchantments:

Most Common Ability Bestowed: Protection

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 2

Average Stat Bonus: +0.5/+1


Average Cost: 3.2

Average Life Gain From Life Gain Spells: 8

Conclusion: White is a defensive colour. It is a good colour to play if you have a combo or something like that in the deck, as it is the best colour for holding out under pressure. The stats here show only part of the trend of white towards defensiveness- what they do not reflect are Circle of Protections, creatures capable of blocking multiple attackers and Damage prevention. What White lacks is direct damage. All these points make white a good deck to play against red with, because red has no answer to Protection and COP: red.

Suggested partner colour: Red

Reason: Red has everything that white lacks-mainly Direct Damage but also creature destruction and speed. White can also make up for reds deficiencies in enchantment and artifact removal-this allows them to coexist very well together, even though you may have a few mana problems.



Average Size: 2.1/2.4

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 4.3

Creature Enchantments:

Most Common Ability Bestowed: You Control it

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 2

Average Stat Bonus: -


Average cost: 3

Average Life Gain from Life Gain Spells: -

Conclusion: Blue, though a powerful colour in many respects, is very slow to develop. This is the main reason that blue decks do not normally fair too well in tournaments-they are normally knocked out by faster decks. Blue has the most flying in the game .

Suggested Partner colour: Red or White

Reason- Red because it has a lot of cheap creatures and creature destruction to keep the deck alive, or white because it is fast and uses evasion like blue- you can make powerful decks with a lot of evasion.



Average Size: 2.3/2.1

Average Cost (Converted Mana):1.9

Creature Enchantments:

Most Common Ability Bestowed: varied – probably direct damage

Average Cost (Converted Mana):1.8

Average Stat Bonus: +1/-1


Average cost: 3.3

Average Life Gain from Life Gain Spells: -

Conclusion: Red is a very aggressive colour. This is shown mainly by the amount of direct damage in the red armada and the fact that most of the creatures have a higher power than toughness. The main drawback to red is its lack of enchantment destruction. If an opponent can get COP: Red in play, your only way to win is by getting more creatures than they have lands.

Suggested Partner Colour: White

Reason: White offers better defense and a way to get rid of circle of protections. These are reds main problems, so red and white is a good colour combination



Average Size: 2.2/2.4

Average Cost (Converted Mana):3.2

Creature Enchantments:

Most Common Ability Bestowed: Creature Destruction

Average Cost (Converted Mana): 2.3

Average Stat Bonus: +1.2/+0.3


Average cost: 3.3

Average Life Gain from Life Gain Spells: -

Conclusion: Black has more creature destruction than all the other colours put together. It also has a lot of discard cards and life draining. This makes it a very disrupting colour to play against, but not particularly aggressive.

Suggested Partner Colour: Green

Reason: Green’s creatures are the perfect compliment to blacks creature destruction.

Thank you for reading this article – I hope you have found it informative and helpful.

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