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CardShark Content - John Curran (9/7/2003)


East Wall of Rohan
Uruk Camp
Golden Hall
White Rocks
Deeping Wall
Hornburg Armory
Cavern Entrance
Valley of Saruman
Orthanc Balcony

Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer
Isildur's Bane

Free Peoples:(40)

Aragorn, ROTN
Barliman Butterbur
Albert Dreary
Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim x3
Ent Avenger
Host of Fangorn
Ent Horde
There and Back Again
Betrayal of Isenguard
Deep in Thought x2
Frying Pan
Hobbit Sword
Glamdring, Lighting Brand
Swiftly and Softly x4
A Wizard of Never Late x4
Servant of the Secret Fire x4
Risk a Little Light x4
Questions That Need Answering
Roll of Thunder x2


Goblin Runner x3
Goblin Sneak x4
Isenguard Shaman x2
Goblin Scavengers x4
Guard Commander
Isenguard Warrior x3
Orc Insergent x2
Saruman, Black Traitor
Ulaire Enquea x2
The Palantir of Orthanc x2
Saruman's Staff
Goblin Scimitar x4
Goblin Armory x4
Relics of Moria
Goblin Swarms x2
Saruman's Snows
They Are Comming x3
Strategy | edit
This deck is very easy to play. Ents are eally good and I hope people see that.

For the Free Peoples side, play all of your stuff when you can. Twilight doesnt really matter. The Ents have enough strenght to let them beat up most shadow cultures. Trackers dont have much cause i dont play anything on my guys. Moria is an easy match up cause they will never get enough guys out to beat 9 guys and one of them is defender +3 and one is Defender +1. No one will get on swarms and deep in thought will get rid of their conditions cause moria cant really drain the pool. Nazgul are a tough match up but you have a lot of wounds to take before people start dying so doubling shouldnt be that hard as long as you have 9 guys out. Any archery deck is not that bad cause of all of the vitality in the deck. One game I had 25 wounds on my guys and no one was that close to death. Dunland is pretty easy cause they NEED pump to win most the the fights. I think that os most of the match ups for the Free Peoples.

The Shadow is a complete rip off of Alan Sagan's Worlds shadow side, but its ok cause I play it better =). Its pretty easy to understand but hard to play. Use Saruman Snows at 9 when Saruman is out with his staff and make site 9 a site 7 and watch your opponant cry, well maybe not cry but you understand what Im trying to get across. If you need anymore explaination look at Serpent's 2000 dollar deck. He can explain it WAY better than I ever could.

Well thats it, This is a really fun and good deck. I suggest tring it out before bashing it because its Ents. They really set-up the Shadow better that anything I have played it with.

Thanks for Reading,

John ´´King of Scrubs´´ Curran

John Curran
Rider of Rohan
Spokane, Washington

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