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CardShark Content - John Curran (7/16/2004)

After testing decks that would do well in the current Brotherhood Lost City-Avalon Space Station environment, I realized that the only way to beat them consistently was to join them, to a point. So I decided to make a Brotherhood beatdown deck that had a lot of location hate. I decided to make this deck:

2 Mastermind, Jason Wyngard
2 Destiny, Irene Adler
2 Toad, Mortimer Toynbee
3 Avalanche, Dominic Pietros
3 Rogue, Anna Raven
4 Sabretooth, Feral Rage
4 Blob, Fred Dukes
4 Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr
3 Mystique, Shape-Changing Assassin
2 Magneto, Master of Magnetism

Plot Twists
4 Surprise Attack
3 War on Humanity
3 Flying Kick
2 Blindsided
4 Not So Fast
3 Relocation
2 The Mutant Menace
3 Global Domination
4 Savage Beatdown
1 Mutant Supremacy

1 Base of Operations
1 ESU Science Lab

It has a lot of hate for the current and I was expecting a lot of location decks. After testing it for a few weeks I realized that it should do well in the current environment and I feel confident that I should do well at origins.

I get to the convention on Saturday morning and sign up at the upperdeck booth. After being 2 hours late, the tournament begins and 1st round begins. Game details are gonna be sketchy cause its best 2 out of 3 and its hard to remember what happens in each game. Ill do my best to get everything right.

Round One: Me (Brotherhood-Anti Brotherhood deck) Vs X-Men Brotherhood

This is the match-up I wanted. He is playing Lost City-Avalon Space Station with Lots of Sabertooths and Wolverines. This guy told me that he started playing 2 days ago and he already knows what the top decks are. He gets his wolverine on turn 3 and flips over Lost City and Avalon Space Station. After he uses Avalon Space Station I use my Global Domination to negate its effect and it cannot untap during the recovery phase. So his deck pretty much shuts down. He cant pump up his guys more than once and after I get my Relocation out and steal his Lost City and begin using it on my own guys he concedes the first game and we start game two. Game two is a lot like game one but a lot worse for him. I hit all of my drops and he gets a really bad draw and its not even close. He concedes game two after he is at 5 endurance and I am at 48.

After round one I check out the Lord of the Rings Premier Series to see how my friends are doing and then head back over to the Upper Deck area and look for my table for round two.

Round Two Vs Brotherhood Lost City-Avalon Space Station

My prediction of playing a lot of Lost City-Avalon Space Station decks looks like it may come true. These games are really easy for me. Nothing goes his way in both games and I win by a huge margin each game. I felt bad for this guy cause he sounded like he is a top player. He keeps talking like its some fluke that I am beating him. In the end he is really cool about losing and says he is gonna go 7-1 and make top 8 anyway which is fine by me. He says he likes the deck idea and wishes me good luck for the rest of the event.

Round Three Vs Brotherhood/X-Men Lost City-Avalon Space Station

This guy is kinda using a deck that is like mine but he uses the locations that he is hating against also. It is a little harder match-up and get gets me down to a close game when he pumps one of his Wolverines to 30 something power, and brings me down to 18 to his 8. He goes for the same thing with Quicksilver but forgets to play Blindsided to doesn’t realize that I can reinforce my Sabertooth, and then I just burn him for the rest with War on Humanity and The Mutant Menace and that was the end of game one. Game two is very one sided, he doesn’t draw his locations till turn 5 and 6, and when he uses them, I relocate the Lost City and when he uses the Avalon Space Station I use Global Domination and he concedes.

I like being 3-0 to start the tournament but I feel like my good luck against these decks is gonna wear thin soon. I hope it lasts to get me into the top 8.

Round Four Vs Brotherhood Savage Land deck

This guy seems like he just started playing talking about all the mistakes he is making and how his friends told him to play the deck, but he is still 3-0 so he cant be all that bad. This match goes really bad for me cause in game one he gets savage land and I cant get any of my relocations or my Global Domination. I also miss my 3, 4 and 6 drops and he just wrecks me. He is at like 30 to my 0 when it’s all over for game one. Game two is a lot more of the same. No characters in my hand even after a mulligan is not good for any deck. I end up missing drops 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 I was suprised I got to turn 7 against him and if I drew anything I probably would of won, but in the end he won with 20 endurance left.

Round Five Vs Brotherhood Lost City-Avalon Space Station Deck

This is a good match-up for the 1st game. I hit my Sabertooth on turn 4 and he misses his 4-drop. It gives me a chance to break this game open. After that turn I draw no more characters and he just wrecks me, I lose on turn 7 but it was really close with the ending endurance totals being me at –2 an him at 5. Game tow is another game where I can’t draw characters and I feel like my deck is falling apart. On turn 3 I drop Rouge and he misses but I miss my turn 4-drop and its pretty much over right there. He makes Sabertooth, and stuns every one of my characters and when I make my 5-drop so does he and I can’t catch up. He beats me pretty easily, he is up by more than 20 endurance when it’s all said and done.

In between rounds one of my friends gets sick and he wants to go back to the hotel. I tell him that if I lose my round or if I don’t have a chance to make top 20 Ill take him back. It sucks to be a driver.

Round six Vs Brotherhood/ X-Men Lost City-Avalon Space Station

Ok, I have played 6 location based brotherhood decks and 4 of them has been Lost City-Avalon Space Station based. I should be 5-0 but bad draws hurt in this game more than others. I’m hoping to salvage a win to give me a shot at 6-2 and maybe a top 20. This game goes really easy and quick. Not much details for the first game. I never miss a drop and he misses all but turn 3. I win by turn five with a huge beat down of Destiny. I was at 48 endurance. Game two is more of the same. I actually never lost one endurance the whole game. He misses all of his drops and I win on turn four. Not very exciting.

After the game I talk to the person doing all of the computer work and ask her if I have a shot at top 20. She looks at my tiebreakers and say that I don’t have a shot cause all but 2 of the people I have played have dropped. So I drop to take my friend back to the hotel. What I didn’t know was that top 64 got a Promo Children of the Atom card. After all that people should learn not to drop from a tournament. All in all Origins was a great event. I was gonna play in the X-Men #1 tournament but forgot my deck at the hotel. I met a lot of cool people and can’t wait till the next $10,000 event.

Hope to see you there.

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