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CardShark Content - Josh Bader (2/2/2003)

Frodo, Son Of Drogo
The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles

Free Peoples(35)
Aragorn, Heir To The White City
Sam, Son Of Hamfast
Merry, Learned Guide x4
Pippin, Wooly Footed Rascal x4
Ranger’s Sword, Blade Of Aragorn
Flaming Brand
Aragorn’s Bow
Hobbit Sword
Fearing The Worst
Three Monstrous Trolls
O Elbereth Githoniel!
Bilbo Baggins, Wellspoken Gentlehobbit
Filbert Bolger x2
Hobbit Party Guest
Severed Their Bonds
A Promise x2
Bill The Pony
No Stranger To The Shadows
A Talent For Not Being Seen x2
A Wizard Is Never Late
Treebeard, Earthborn
There And Back Again
Thror’s Map

Shadow (35)
Saruman, Rabble Rouser
Hides x3
War Club x3
Dark Fury x3
Burn Every Village x3
War Cry Of Dunland x2
Wulf, Dunlending Chieftain x2
Hillman Horde x2
Band Of Wild Men x4
Dunlending Warrior
Wild Man Of Dunlend x3
Dunlending Robber x4
Dunlending Pillager x4

The Riddermark
Rohirrim Village
Westement Plains
White Rocks
Deeping Wall
Hornburg Armory
Hornburg Causeway
Ring Of Isengard
Orthanc Balcony

A few notes: Bid 4 or 5 to go first. Start everybody except Aragorn and then pull him if you get the Riddermark. If you don’t, start Aragorn and hope Sam shows up in good time. Your free peoples deck can move two in the first turn and then can rely on the Dunlends to slow up your opponent. This is one of the few free peoples decks I’ve seen in recent time that can fellowship win.
As for the dunlends, your strategy is pretty straight forward. Use the War Club and the Pillagers to strip away your opponent’s possessions, so that the big boys (Horde and Band) can score some overwhelms. This deck is remarkably good at it and even managed to take out a Lord Of Gondor in tourney play. Sites 5 and 6 are usually good kill sites thanks to Rabble Rouser and Dark Fury. Don’t be deceived though. This deck doesn’t Shadow win too often, but it does force the fellowship into a crawl and will kill them if they move too quickly. Overall, it’s a lot of fun and catches people off guard in the current Uruk happy environment. Good luck in Vegas and keep PSQing.

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