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CardShark Content - Josh Bader (8/14/2002)

God, is anyone out there? I'll have to hope this thing is working. I don't have enough energy to send this message twice. I can't explain where I am or how this came to be in my possesion but it is of vital importance that people are made aware of the nefarious schemes of my captor. According to the information I've gathered, it appears he intends to take over the world sometime between October 31 and November 02 from his hidden base in Virginia. Please, someone out there must stop him. I can only hope Beedo or the One Spoon is receiving this, it will take a secret agent of their caliber to put a stop to his evil plans. The following is a copy of a report I intercepted:

To: Dr. Malkav
From: Intelligence Center
Date: 080802
Subject: Competition

Sir, we gathered the requested information on the opponents Top Secret Weapon 666 X 02 (hereout refered to as Secret Weapon 02) is likely to face at D-CON. After thorough testing we have decided the weaknesses of each and the best approach for the Secret Weapon 02 to take should he encounter the aforementioned opponent at D-CON. We have also run a likelihood analysis of seeing each. First percentage indicates likelihood of encountering one, while the second is the likelihood of encountering it during a particular round. We hope this information will prove useful.

Code Name: Big Nuke
Street Name: Trust/Uruk
Modus Operandi: Uses huge amounts of twilight. Companions have possibility of huge power fueled by the Gandalf generator. Cycles through cards very quickly and moves quickly when possible. Frequently floods the pool. Shadow is largely based on stopping opponent rather than killing and hopes that opponent will flood pool as well.
Weaknesses: Difficult Shadow win. Analysis indicates Secret Weapon 02 should attempt to outrun the Big Nuke while its still setting up. Once the fellowship is setup, few outside of the big WK with weapon have a chance of slowing them down.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 98%
Likeliness Each Round: 40%

Code Name: Quiet Stop
Street Name: Ranger/Nazgul
Modus Operandi: Centered around 4 or 5 companions, typically Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas. Keeps twilght low in the late game, but may flood the pool very early on. COunts on shadow win by huge menacing hulks known as Nazgul, but can also win through fellowship moving slowly while Nazgul act as stop sign.
Weaknesses: Secret Weapon 02 best matchup. Opponent will be hard pressed to get more than one or two of these Nazgul out at a time and we move far quicker than they do. Their puny rangers will be no match for our shadow's ruthless counter assaults. Keep the pool low and cycle quickly.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 90%
Likeliness Each Round: 25%

Code Name: No Hand
Street Name: Mirror Arrows/Uruk
Modus Operandi: Galadriel and her ´´mirror´´ rob you of your hand while the 'white arrows´´ devestate your deck. Uruks slow you down while the fellowship walks to site 9.
Weaknesses: Move quickly early. Secret Weapon 02's hidden compartments (code name: Shards Of Narsil and Scott Gaeta's Cart) will help to store vital ammunition for later on. Remember the lesson taught in secret project codename: Saruman's POWER. Concentrate early shadow fire on the Shoulder To Shoulder.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 50%
Likeliness Each Round: 10%

Code Name: Suffocation
Street Name: Denial/Nazgul
Modus Operandi: Much like Quiet Stop. Trades speed for stealth. Fewer companions, but those that are there will typically be well armed. Uses Nazgul commonly (our research indicates this is its most effective pairing) but may also use Urukhai in the hands of a more aggressive player.
Weaknesses: Very solid. Secret Weapon 02 should focus on taking out the Stealth Man (aka Heir To The WHite City). Once he is out of the way the death of Mr. Frodo should come much easier.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 50%
Likeliness Each Round: 10%

Code Name: One Big Family
Street Name: Super fellowship
Modus Operandi: Uses nine companions and Gandalf, Superman to bully its way through to site 9. Floods the pool, but relies solely on companions and possesions. Uses Urukhai similarly to the Big Nuke.
Weaknesses: Secret Weapon 02 should attempt to move faster than family. Use codename:ENQUEA and codename:NERTEA to seriously hamper their efforts.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 50%
Likeliness Each Round: 10%

Code Name: Garbage Bin
Street Name: Random Crap
Modus Operandi: It appears random crap lacks any consisitency between one version and the next. Could involve many different elements such as codename: SAURON or codename: CORRUPTION. Simply be aware that the others discussed are not the entirety of the field.
Likeliness Of Seeing One: 25%
Likeliness Each Round: 5%

That concludes my latest report Dr. Malkav. You will be pleased to know many of the test subjects have consented to supporting our ammunition. (See Memorandum CODE NAME: FAVOR if you need to refresh your memory.) Testing reports will begin next week and continue through D-CON. Over and out.

Please disseminate this message to those who might be able to stop the nefarious Dr. Malkav. I'll attempt to intercept one of his testing reports next week and send it to the Tournament Reports section. Please someone stop him and get me out of here before...

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