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CardShark Content - Josh Bader (8/20/2002)

Frodo, Old Bilbo’s Heir
The One Ring, Isildur’s Bane

Fellowship (35)
Aragorn, Ranger Of The North
Legolas, Greenleaf
Sam, Proper Poet
Gandalf, Friend Of The Shirefolk x4
Gimli, Son Of Gloin x4
A Wizard Is Never Late x2
Elrond, Lord Of Rivendell x3
Pippin, Hobbit Of Some Intelligence
Ranger’s Sword
Flaming Brand
Last Alliance Of Elves And Men
Gandalf’s Staff
Gimli’s Battle Axe
Trust Me As You Once Did x3
Secret Sentinels

Shadow (35 cards)
Witch King, Lord Of Angmar x3
Ulaire Cantea x3
Ulaire Lemenya x3
Ulaire Enquea x2
Ulaire Nelya, Ringwraith In Twilight x2
Ulaire Attea x2
Ulaire Ostea x2
Ulaire Toldea
Ulaire Nertea
Bill Ferny
Nazgul Sword x2
Black Steed
The Pale Blade
Threshold Of Shadow
Black Breath x4
Blade Tip x2
Relentless Charge
All Blades Perish
Morgul Gates x2

Adventure Path
Prancing Pony
Ford Of Brunen
Moria Lake
The Bridge
Lothlorien Woods
The Great River
Gates Of Argonath
Emyn Muil

1. Bidding – Bid 1… go first if you win, otherwise let them pick. If Prancing Pony is site 1 start Legolas and Sam, otherwise start Aragorn.
2. Fellowship Side – Vs Urukhai – Get Aragorn, Gandalf, and Gimli out there to stay and toss the rest of your companions quickly. The Uruks will find themselves having some serious Skirmish winning problems against those three. Vs Nazgul… Um Crap… Try not to flood the pool every turn, move slowly and cycle hard to find the cards you’ll need to take them on. Nazgul are bad juju against this just like they are for every Trust deck. Vs Moria. Go for the gusto and get as many companions as possible. Trust is a really hard matchup for Moria to take on… made even worse by the presence of Greenleaf and the two defender +1 companions. Vs Sauron. Someone still plays that… Rumil, Greenleaf, and Secret Sentinels and a little bit of creativity to the rescue. Seriously, improvise against Sauron decks… they’re all different and unique so…
3. Shadow Side – Hehe… stop your opponent. There’s nothing quite as intimidating as a Witch King when they are thinking about moving again. Lemenya and Witch King are a powerhouse combo who should let the Witch King eat somebody for breakfast. Actually come to think of it Lemenya and anybody is huge.

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