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CardShark Content - Josh Bader (8/21/2002)

Twilight Cost 1. Home Site 1. Fellowship: If there are fewer than 3 twilight in the pool add 2 to reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Take any Hobbit Culture cards into hand and discard the rest.

First, he is a hobbit; which qualifies him for Thror’s Map, Frodo’s Bedroom, and Town Center usage. Second, he performs the obvious service of bringing you stealth cards, weapons, and other hobbit allies at a much faster rate than you could otherwise get them. But above this, he can also perform the invaluable service of setting up your discard pile for a Moria deck that relies heavily on playing from the discard pile with such gems as They Are Coming, Host Of Thousands, and Goblin Scavengers. What about setting up the discard pile for some of those Dwarven powerhouses like Beneath The Mountains and Great Works Begun There? Also, as a Hobbit ally you can use Practically Everyone Was Invited to pull him out of your draw deck. What about Boromir calling him up with the horn and then hobbit healing circle him the next turn? My recommendation for this card is that you give it a test run and try out that Hobbit/Moria deck you’ve been dreaming up for a while. Good luck and have fun.

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