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CardShark Content - Josh Bader (10/13/2002)

What makes a good CCG deck? What sets it apart from all the other decks available? Classically, in games such as magic and SW, consistency, or being able to draw the cards you need when you need them. Consistency is most often found by card drawing and multiple copies of the stuff you need. However, in LOTR, this is counteracted by the fact that the best card draw belongs to a race, which up until Two Towers has problems winning skirmishes without massive number of cards being played, the Dwarves.
Enter Gimli, Lockbearer. Damage +1 Strength +1 for each unbound hobbit companion you can spot. Strength 6. Vitality 3. At long last, the Dwarves have found their Aragorn… a Strength 8 companion who has plenty of pump and equipment cards. Add in some of the famous Dwarven card draw such as Delving and Tidings Of Erebor and you’ve got a consistent fellowship beat down machine.

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