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CardShark Content - Kenneth Wright (5/16/2005)

Every Yu-Gi-Oh! player knows rule number one of deck building: if you don't have it, find it. This results in numerous sales for Konami and Upper Deck, but it also results in a collector bogged down in useless cards.

That was the case with my collection. It wasn't until one hundred twenty seven packs later that I realized that I did not need the best or rarest cards in my collection. Sure, there are those that believe that the rares are powerful, and to some degree I agree with that, but I have witnessed several duels where a ´´rare player´´ would be slaughtered by a ´´commoner´´.

So, how do you balance this? How do you know which cards to use and which cards should be left alone? There are three simple hints to help:

1. The gap between commons and rares

The first hint is a simple one: if a rare is weaker than a common you own, don't use it. It is better to have a deck of commons than a deck of rares. At most, stick to one or two rare cards per deck.

2. Stick to what you know

New cards can be fun to play with, but dangerous to veteran players. Stay away from unfamiliar cards until you can adequately determine their use in battle. Instead, focus on familiar cards; a deck you know how to use is better than a deck made ´´on the fly´´.

3. Keep it simple, keep it safe

Organize your collection to your best specifications, keeping everything safe in a binder or deck box. Remember your organization system so that you can find your cards quickly when you need to build or modify your deck. Also, don't boast or flaunt your deck to potential opponents; they could find a suitable strategy to destroy you in a duel.

After following these hints, you will be ready to build your best deck, no matter if you are a veteran or a rookie player. Organizational skills in managing your collection will allow you to quickly and effectively know every card and effect you have available.

Happy Deck Building!

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