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CardShark Content - Kenneth Wright (2/20/2006)

Many people have discovered the power of Water attribute monsters, as well as several useful spell and traps that correspond to an Umi deck. The selection of Water monsters and useful spells/traps increase with the release of a new set. However, there are people who shun Umi decks, claiming to use stronger strategies. I will begin by bashing this theory: there is nothing stronger than a well-built Umi deck in the hands of an expert.

Now, let's look at several key strategies a Water deck uses effectively.

Field Clearance:
An Umi deck can contain 3 of each Penguin Soldier, Yomi Ship, Gale Lizard, Levia-Dragon-Daedalus, and Nightmare Penguin, as well as other powerful Flip-Effect monsters that clear the field. In addition, one could also add spells and traps that destroy or banish monsters from the field. If you focus on this type of Water deck strategy, you would want to add 3 Legendary Oceans for Levia-Dragon, as well as a Book of Moon to reuse effects.

Power Muscle Flex:
Water decks also share several strong monsters, such as the Gagagigos. With Legendary Ocean, Giga Gagagigo can hit the field without tribute, and Gogiga Gagagigo would only require one. To build completely around this strategy, you would need the Gagagigos, Legendary Ocean, as well as cards such as Rush Recklessly and Big Wave, Small Wave.

Power of Umi:
The key ingredient of every water deck is the use of effects centered around Umi. Mermaid Knight gets two attacks, Levia-Dragon gets to clear the field, and Amphibious Bugrouth MK-3 gets to attack directly. Also, cards acting as Umi could also increase the odds of getting Umi on the field, so someone using this strategy would need cards like Terraforming and Maiden of the Aqua.

However, an effective Water deck needs combined strategies to win. It needs field clearance cards to deal direct damage, strong monsters to deal large amounts of damage, and Umi-based cards to increase effectiveness.

Therefore, I have compiled a deck using all of the strategies listed above.

Power of the Ocean Deck, v.2.3

3:7 Colored Fish
1:Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
2:Aqua Madoor
2:Familiar-Possessed - Eria
2:Gale Lizard
2:Giga Gagagigo
1:Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
2:Maiden of the Aqua
1:Mermaid Knight
2:Nightmare Penguin
3:Penguin Soldier
1:Star Boy
2:Eria the Water Charmer

3:A Legendary Ocean
2:Big Wave Small Wave
1:Mystical Space Typhoon
1:Premature Burial
3:Bait Doll

2:A Rival Appears
1:Call of the Haunted
3:Compulsory Evacuation Device
1:Judgement of Anubis
2:Dimension Wall
1:Tornado Wall

This deck focuses on getting an Umi on the field while preventing your opponent from having anything on his/her field. The Tornado Wall prevents damage in the case of Dark Hole, and Judgement of Anubis protects it and Legendary Ocean from cards like Mystical Space Typhoon and De-Spell. Anubis also helps the Field Clearance strategy, as it destroys a monster on your opponent's field and deals damage to them.

The monsters are gleaned from two of the strategies: Field Clearance and Power Muscle Flex. Cards like Star Boy and Nightmare Penguin build up the army's power, while the few Umi-based effects add a powerful 1-2 combo.

Also, notice I have added Hydrogeddon to the fold. His effect is the central strategy to the deck in terms of speed, as all three Hydrogeddons can hit the field in one turn, normally resulting in at least one direct hit. Using Big Wave Small Wave can change the tide (pun intended) to your favor, especially if you have Levia-Dragon and Maiden in your hand.

With this deck, I have made several people feel all washed up as I turned the tide in my favor. I guess they did not like being taken to the cleaners, although I have to say that they were a little wet behind the ears before facing me. Did they have a friend who cleaned them out with a similar deck? [Editor’s note: I suddenly feel so dirty.]

Disclaimer: The previous paragraph was completely uncalled for and I apologize. For those of you that were offended, I'm sincerely sorry. For those of you laughing at this disclaimer, please feel free to continue laughing at those ´´sensitive´´ people hurt by it.

’Til the next cut!

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