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CardShark Content - Kenneth Wright (3/15/2006)

The release of the Lost Millennium booster saw the introduction of several new rock monsters. Now, rock monsters, in my opinion, are one of the weakest types of monsters to build around, due to the lack of good cards to go along with a rock barricade strategy. So, I looked into ´´true´´ strategies rock monsters could be used for.

1) Building walls
Several of the rock-type monsters have powerful defense points, usually between 1800-2200 for level 4 or lower monsters. These monsters are normally used in stall strategies for daunting an opponent while searching for cards. The key weakness in this strategy is in cards like Dark Hole and Lightning Vortex, as your opponent could clear your field and leave you defenseless.

2) Cannon fodder
As we all probably know, the older weapons such as catapults and slings required rocks to fling. Therefore, why not use the same strategy with rock monsters? Cards such as Rock Bombardment deal damage to an opponent's life points just by sending a rock monster to the grave.

3) Easy field clearance
There were two older cards that go together well: Chorus of Sanctuary and Continuous Destruction Punch. Since they go together well, one could use them in a rock deck to clear an opponent's field. After all, what doesn't kill you can come back and kill you later.

So, based on this strategy, and using other strategies (Puzzle, Strong Arm), I composed a Rock deck that, in testing, won 7 out of 10 duels. This deck is somewhat cheap to make and easy to use. Here's the breakdown.

Rock 'n' Roll Deck (v. 1.2)

3:Rocket Jumper
3:Giant Soldier of Stone
3:Stone Statue of the Aztecs
3:Alpha the Magna Warrior
3:Beta the Magna Warrior
3:Gamma the Magna Warrior
2:Dummy Golem
2:Granmarg the Rock Monarch
3:Legendary Jujitsu Master
1:Megarock Dragon
3:Mine Golem
1:Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

3:Continuous Destruction Punch
3:Chorus of Sanctuary
1:Dark Hole
1:Premature Burial
2:Shifting Shadows

3:Dimension Wall
3:Negate Attack
3:Rock Bombardment
1:Minefield Eruption

This deck is built to defend yourself against anything your opponent can throw at you. Good defensive monsters surprise your enemies, while your spells and traps destroy your opponent's monsters, leaving them wide open.

Also, strong monsters like Granmarg, Megarock Dragon, and Valkyrion hit your opponents like, well, rocks. Megarock can be powered up using several cards in this deck, like Rock Bombardment, Dark Hole, and even Valkyrion.

Notice the use of Dummy Golem. When he is flipped face-up, you can switch him with one of your opponent's monsters. Translation: You can throw rocks at your opponent using their monsters. Also, if your opponent tries to stall, you can use Rocket Jumper to hit directly.

Well, that's all I have for now. Hopefully this deck will be good enough for anyone making it; I don't want to be responsible for having a deck cave in on anyone.

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