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CardShark Content - Kenneth Wright (8/15/2006)

We all know them, and we all hate them. They're Elemental Heroes, the token cards of Jaden Yuki from the GX series. However, the deck type that relies on E-Heroes is not the greatest. The E-Heroes are situational and their fusions are the only thing that can turn the tide of a duel.

After studying the Heroes, their fusions, and effects, I have come to many conclusions about possible winning strategies involving the Heroes. However, due to length and importance, I will only discuss four.

1) The Heroes are Warrior-type monsters, so a deck focused around Warriors would possibly win. If you use this deck type, include support cards like Marauding Captain, Command Knight, Reinforcement of the Army, and The Warrior Returning Alive. For power boosting, add The A. Forces and a few Fusion Sword Murasame Blades.

2) The Heroes are focused on fusions, so a fusion-based deck would work. Sidedeck some backup cards, and add several ´´digging´´ cards like Fusion Sage, E-Emergency Call, Reinforcement of the Army, and Hero Signal. When you're done fusing Heroes, bring back what you need with Wrottweiller, The Warrior Returning Alive, and Fusion Recovery. If your fusions die, bring them back with Re-Fusion.

3) Several support cards for Heroes exist, so a deck based around supporting Heroes, although weak, would still hold its own. Include Spark Blaster, Bubble Blaster, Bubble Shuffle, Burst Return, Skyscraper, and the H-E-R-O combo. If you are concerned about deck speed, add cards that allow you to draw/dig, such as Hero Signal and Jar of Greed.

4) Elemental Heroes and Destiny Heroes go hand-in-hand, so allowing them to work together would give you the advantage. Because of the infinite changing involved with E and D Heroes, include several copies of D-Time and Hero Signal. Since both types of Heroes are Warriors, Warrior support cards like The A. Forces, Reinforcement of the Army, and The Warrior Returning Alive would replace many other methods of digging.

These strategies are not set in stone, battle tested theories. They are merely the observations of an advanced duelist.

Happy Dueling, and I'll see you on the next draw!

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