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CardShark Content - Kim Logie (8/14/2002)

This deck is my first attempt at a deck. It's about 50/50 right now, but it will get better. I hope that you all have fun shooting the heck out of your opponents fellowship, while running away from their shadow.

Starting Fellowship
Isildur’s Bane
Frodo (reluctant Adventurer)
Arwen (Elven Rider)

Adventure Path
Farmer Maggot’s Fields
House of Elrond
Great Chasm
The Bridge
Dimrill Dale
Andruin Confluence
Brown Lands
Summit of Amon Hen


They are coming x3
Dangerous Gamble
Goblin Schmitar x3
Goblin Wallcrawler
Goblin Swarms
Moria Archer Troup x3
Balrog (Flame of Udun)
Goblin Bowman x4
Goblin Runner x4
Archer Commander x3
Goblin Marksman x4
Goblin Scavengers x2
Host of thousands x3
Bitter Hatred
Drums of the deep
Depths of moria
Ulaire Enquea (Lieutenant of Morgul) x2
Ulaire Attea (Keeper of Dol Guldur)


Boromir (son of Denethor)
Gondor Bowman
An Able Guide
Aragorn (Heir to the white city)
Shield of Boromir
Blade of Gondor
Ranger’s Sword
A rangers versatility
Valent man of the west
Aragorns bow
Elrond (Herald to GilGalad)
Galadriel (Lady of the golden wood)
Master of healing
Gift of Evenstar
Healing defenses x2
Hobbit Sword x2
Hobbit Intuition x4
Hobbit Stealth x4
O Elbereth Gilthonel
Orc Bane x2
Power According to His stature
Old Noakes (Purveyor of wisdom)
Filbert Bolger (Wily Rascal)
Merry (From o’er the brandywine
Sam (son of Hamfast)

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