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CardShark Content - Kim Logie (10/8/2002)


Dunlending Warrior (3)
Minion - Man
Assignment: Spot an ally to make that ally participate in skirmishes and
assign this minion to skirmish that ally.
´´These were a remnant of the peoples that had dwelt in the vales of the
White Mountains in ages past.´´
4 C 18

Hides (1)
Plays to your support area. When you play this card, you may draw a card.
Response: If a (Dunland) Man is about to take a wound, remove (2) or discard
this possession to prevent that wound.
Only heavy animal skins armored the Dunlendings.
4 R 19

Hillman Tribe (3)
Minion - Man
Each time this minion wins a skirmish, you may spot another (Dunland) minion
to take control of a site.
´´'They will not quail at the sun... the wild man of the hills.'´´
4 C 25

No Retreat (0)
Plays on a site you control.
Regroup: Spot 2 (Dunland) Men and discard this condition to make the Free
Peoples player choose to move again this turn (if the move limit allows).
Hordes from Dunland laid waste to villages as their numbers grew.
4 R 30

War Club (0)
Possession - Hand Weapon
+2 Strength
Bearer must be a (Dunland) Man. Each time
bearer wins a skirmish you may discard 2 FP possessions.
4 U 36

•Gimli, Unbidden Guest (2)
Companion - Dwarf
Str: 6
Gandalf Signet
Damage +1.
Skirmish: Exert Gimli to make an unbound companion strength +1 (or +2 if
that companion is Legolas).
´´But a small dark figure that none had observed sprang out of the shadows
and gave a hoarse shout: Baruk Kazad!´´
4 C 49

•Here Is Good Rock (1)
Tale. Plays to your support area.
Skirmish: Stack a Free Peoples card from hand here
to make a Dwarf Damage +1.
4 C 50

Khazad Ai-menu (1)
Skirmish: Make a Dwarf strength +2 (or strength +3 and damage +1 if you spot
´´'The Orcs are behind the wall. Ai-ou! Come, Legolas! There are enough for
both of us.'´´
4 C 51


Elven Brooch (1)
Possession - Brooch
To play, spot an Elf. Bearer must be a companion.
Response: If another possession borne by bearer is about to be discarded,
discard this possession instead.
´´'Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall.'´´
4 U 63

Elven Sword (1)
Possession - Hand Weapon
+1 Strength
Bearer must be an Elf.
Skirmish: Exert bearer or discard 2 cards from hand to make a minion
skirmishing bearer strength -1.
4 C 64

Feathered (1)
Skirmish: Make a minion skirmishing an Elf strength -2 for each wound on
that minion.
Elven swords found the same targets as their arrows.
4 U 66

•Haldir, Emissary of the Galadhrim (2)
Companion – Elf
While no opponent controls a site, Haldir is strength +2.
Regroup: Exert Haldir at a Battleground and exert another Elf to liberate a site.
4 C 71

•Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (2)
Companion – Elf
Aragorn Signet.
The twilight cost of each Shadow event and Shadow condition is +1 for each unbound
Hobbit you can spot.
4 R 73

•Legolas, Elven Comrade (2)
Companion – Elf
Gandalf Signet.
Skirmish: Exert Legolas to make a minion skirmishing an unbound companion strength
-1 (or –2 if that companion is Gimli).
4 C 74

Lembas (1)
To play, spot 3 Elves. Bearer must be a companion.
Regroup: Discard this possession to reconcile your hand.
´´Sam thought that it tasted far better, somehow, than it had for a good
4 R 75

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