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CardShark Content - Kim Logie (10/8/2002)


Defend It and Hope (0)
Maneuver: Exert a [Gondor] Man to wound a minion once (or twice if that minion is an Uruk-hai).
´´'Is it not said that no foe has even taken the Hornburg, if men defended it?'´´
4 C 115
•Forests of Ithilien (0)
Plays to your support area.
While the fellowship is at site 5(t), the site number of each Man in a
skirmish is +2.
Regroup: Discard this condition and exert a Ring-bound Man to liberate a
´´...a fair country of climbing woods and swift-falling streams.´´
4 R 121

New Errand (1)
Skirmish: Spot a Ring-bound Man to make a minion's site number +2. If that
minion loses this skirmish, you may wound a minion.
´´'...we come to ambush the Men of Harad.'´´
4 C 128

Isengard Culture
Howl of Harad (1)
Plays to your support area.
Response: If a Southron wins a skirmish, remove (4) to make the Free Peoples
player wound a Ring-bound companion.
Blood-curdling cries rout the Southrons' enemies from the battlefield.
4 U 236

Southron Assassin (4)
Minion - Man
Each time a companion or ally loses a skirmish involving a Southron, you may
remove (1) to make the Free Peoples player wound a Ring-bound companion.
´´'Some of the Southrons have broken from the trap and are flying from the
4 R 246

Southron Wanderer (3)
Minion - Man
Southron. Ambush (1)
Assignment: Exert this minion and spot 5 companions to assign this minion to
the Ring-bearer. The Free Peoples player may add (4) to prevent this.
4 C 258


•Eowyn, , Sister-Daughter of Theoden (2)
Companion – Man
Aragorn Signet
Response: If Eowyn is exhausted and about to take a wound in a skirmish,
discard 2 cards from hand to prevent that wound.
4 R 271
•Herugrim (2)
Possession - Hand Weapon
Str +2
Vit +1
Bearer must be Théoden. He is damage +1.
'Here, lord, is Herugrim, your ancient blade....'
4 U 280

•Theoden, Son of Thengel (2)
Companion – Man
Aragorn Signet
Response: Spot a Rohan ally and exert Theoden to liberate a site.
4 C 292

•Théoden, Lord of the Mark (2)
Companion - Man
Theoden Signet
Fellowship: Play a [Rohan] possession on a [Rohan] companion to heal
that companion (limit once per turn).
'Every man and strong lad able to bear arms, all who have horses, let
them be ready in the saddle at the gate ere the second hour from noon!'
4 P 365

Weapon Store (1)
Plays to your support area.
Fellowship: Exert a Rohan Man to play a hand weapon
from your discard pile.
4 R 294

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