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CardShark Content - Matt Clemans (4/25/2003)

Hello out there! Welcome to the first installment of my column. For those that don’t know me, I was a volunteer for Decipher for almost 5 years, I’ve been a writer for DGMA, Scrye and Decipher.com, and I’m a Judge for DGMA. I don’t claim to know everything about the Lord of the Rings TCG, but I know enough to get by in a tough spot.
I’ve got three questions this week, so let’s get into it!

Trevor Asks: If my opponent plays a Stealth card to cancel the first Return to It’s Master skirmish can you play a second Copy off of the first Return to It's Master’s skirmish?

Answer: If your opponent’s Ringbearer is still wearing The One Ring, then yes. You can play a card as along as you meet the requirements to play that card. All that Return to It’s Master asks for is that the Ringbearer be wearing The One Ring at the end of a skirmish phase. Even if the skirmish is canceled somehow, it still ends. If your opponent can manage to take off the Ring during the skirmish(by discarding O Elbereth Gilthoniel!) then you would not be able to play a second Return to it’s Master since you can no longer meet the requirements of the card.

Jason Asks: My friend played Can You Protect Me For Yourself?, but I didn’t have Aragorn out. Do I have to add two burdens?

Answer: Can You Protect Me From Yourself? says, “Spot an [Isengard] minion to
exhaust Aragorn. The Free Peoples may add two burdens to prevent this.” The option to add two burdens is a way for the Free Peoples player to get out of having to exhaust Aragorn. Even if Aragorn is not out, you can choose to either prevent the action by adding the burdens or let it go through. If you let it go ahead then nothing happens – basically a non-existent Aragorn gets exhausted.

Mike Asks: If a Gondorian Ranger with a Ranger’s Bow wounds a roaming minion to death, would a token be placed on Ithilien Trap?

Answer: Yes. If all the characters on either side are removed from a skirmish, then the
skirmish ends immediately and the remaining side wins. At this point you would resolve any actions resulting from winning the skirmish – such as Ithilien Trap.

That’s all the questions I’ve got this week. I’m playing in the Kentucky TOC this weekend, so send in some real stumpers for me or you might be forced to hear about how I fared!


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