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CardShark Content - Matthew ´´Chip´´ Gillespie (12/4/2003)

Fellowship: Shadow Hates Vitality
Shadow: Anti-Possession Beatdown

Starting Fellowship:

One Ring, Answer to All Riddles
Frodo, Courteous Halfling
Eowyn, Dernhelm
Eomer, Thrid Marshall of Riddermark

Site Path:
Rohan Favored Site Path (Don't Have King Sites, Built for During Towers Open)

Fellowship: (33)

3x Legolas, Greenleaf
2x Lorien Swordsman
1x Long Knives of Legolas
1x Bow of the Galladrim
1x Asfaloth (Fellowship)
2x Feathered
1x Elven Bow
1x Elven Sowrd
1x Armor
1x Simblemyne
1x Eomer's Spear
1x Eowyn's Sword (Towers Block)
2x Rohirrim Bow
1x Firefoot
1x Brego
1x Horse of Rohan
1x Deor
1x Guma
1x Weland
1x Hlafwine
1x Leod
2x Well Stored
1x Fortress Never Fallen

Shadow: (33)

4x Dark Fury
4x Warclub
2x War Cry of Dundlend
1x Too Long These Peasents Have Stood
1x No Defense
1x Constantly Threatening
1x Saruman, Rabble Rouser
2x Dundlending Renegade
4x Dundlending Robber
4x Dundlending Pillager
2x Hillman Mob
3x Band of Wild Men
2x Wild Men of the Hills
2x Hill Clan

Fellowship Strategy:

The Fellowship is simple yet, strategic. The point of this deck is to combine direct/volley archery and horse exertions to get as many wounds on minions as possible. The Lorien Swordsman is the secret weapon of this deck. Horse of Rohan or Brego can play on him and any minion with vitality is is automatically a -2 strength. This deck has made the Balrog a Strength one with one Feathered using its directed archery and horse exertions. Dernhelm doesn't fit the theme, but with Fell Beasts and Mumaks running around in open, she can be a base 14 against these particular mounts.

DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR ALLIES! Weland and Leod are your best friends. Weland can heal all of your mounted companions, and Leod can give them Strength +2 (That means Legolas and the Lorien Swordsman). You have a small healing chain and sitting +2s in your support area when needed.

This deck sacrifices trickiness and threat removal for all out survivability. The armor will help to deal with Southrons and Damgage +1 one minions and the directed archery/firefoot can help against swarm. The Fortess Never Fallen should only be used if you absolutely need it i.e. Desperate Defense of the Ring, Thin and Streched, Stronghold of Minas Morgul and the like.


This is Dundlend beatdown/anti-possession. This deck can kill a companion by site three with Hill Clans and Will Men of the Hills, and, with initivative, the potential discarding can help you gain that initiative to gain those site bonuses =D. The bad part of this shadow side is the lack of Hides. If you see archery, cough up your shadow to Deor, or play everything and run to site 9. Anything that does have directed archey is hard pressed to move on with a 19 Hill Clan on the field.

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