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CardShark Content - Nathan Liss (1/17/2005)

This article will discuss all the attributes of dragons that experienced players tend to look over. When you hear of someone running a dragon deck you almost instinctively think Blue Eyes. Well I am here to give you some insight into other dragons that can become a mighty force if used correctly.

First of all there is a running competition as to who is the King of Dragons. It used to be a short race between three memorable dragons, Blue Eyes, Tyrant, and Chaos Emperor. With the addition of new sets we have had to increase the running mates as well, Armed LV7 and Horus LV8 are also big competitors.

Now in my opinion nothing can match the awesome power of CED, but since the ban we have seen Armed and Horus make quite an appearance. The problem with these cards in a dragon deck is that there isn't much support. You can't build a ´´dragon deck´´ and throw Horus or Armed in it. These decks require some special attention so I must rule these out for our deck.

So we now have two options, Tyrant and Blue Eyes, for the sake of simplicity I am going to say Tyrant is the king, and assume that you can figure out why.

Now for the minor dragons we have some outstanding cards that can be great fun to use. Luster Dragon (MFC) and Kaiser Glider are of course the most well known. Some newer additions to the family are Masked Dragon and Mirage Dragon. While fairly weak in stats they can be unparalleled in a duel. Masked grabs another dragon as it dies and Mirage stops your opponent from activating traps. Spear Dragons are also q huge asset to this deck. 1900 attack and trample, changing to defense is a drawback but a negligible one in play. There are many other dragons worth looking at including, Twin-Headed Behemoth, Troop Dragon, Gray Wing, and Cave Dragon.

As for support there are a few extremely useful cards that are built for dragons and a few others that can be helpful in situations. The most used dragon support cards are Dragon's Gunfire, Stamping Destruction, and Dragon's Rage. Gunfire can be for burn or monster removal depending on the situation, Stamping is Spell/Trap removal and burn, and Rage gives all dragons on the field a trample effect. Others include Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Burst Breath, Super Rejuvenation, and Dragon's Bead

Dragons also combo incredibly well with Warriors. Cards like Dragonic Attack and Marauding Captain are always welcome in a dragon deck or side deck. There are many ways to utilize the multitude of dragons out there and I encourage you all to grab some of them and see what you can come up with.

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