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CardShark Content - Nathan Liss (2/23/2005)

I'm sure by now many Yu-Gi-Oh players have found a running theme of monsters with ´´Spirit´´ as a group. Well what a spirit creature does depends on the card, but there is an effect that all of them have in common. That effect is:

´´This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to the owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn that this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or flipped face-up.´´

-From this point on in the article I shall refer to this as the ´´Spirit Effect´´.-

Most people see this as the spirit cards major drawback and for good reason, if you summon it at all it returns to your hand at the End Phase or if it’s flipped face-up by an attack and does not die then it returns as well. I want to emphasize the ´´if it does not die´´ part of this. Some people seem to think that if your spirit monster dies in battle during a turn it was summoned then it returns to your hand from the graveyard, this however is a mistake. Spirit monsters are very limited in play because of these drawbacks, but some see play none the less. This article will show some of the over looked spirit cards, as well as the ones that already see play, and try to build a deck using only Spirits.

The spirits do have tribute monsters though most veteran players shrug them off because of the first effect. Who wants a tribute that returns to your hand at the end of the turn? Not many. So for new and old players alike:

Group: Pyro/Spirit/Effect
Type: Fire
Atk: 2800
Def: 2900
-Spirit Effect- If this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent must discard all cards in his/her hand during the next Draw Phase before they draw.

Yamata Dragon
Group: Dragon/Spirit/Effect
Type: Fire
Atk: 2600
Def: 3100
-Spirit Effect- When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, draw cards from your Deck until you have 5 cards in your hand.

Dark Dust Spirit
Group: Zombie/Effect
Type: Earth
Level: 6
Atk: 2200
Def: 1800
-Spirit Effect- If this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or flipped face-up, destroy all face-up monsters except this monster on the field.

Great Long Nose
Group: Beast-Warrior/Spirit/Effect
Type: Dark
Level: 5
Atk: 1900
Def: 1700
-Spirit Effect- If this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent skips his/her next Battle Phase.

Now most of these seem like decent cards, but they can be a pain to try and keep out. The easiest to use of the four is Dark Dust Spirit, he comes into play and everything else dies, then he returns to your hand during the End Phase. Kind of like a monster version of Dark Hole. Being tributes, most people look at Dust and Long Nose before they even think about Hino or Yamata, however both the two tributes have very useful effects. Hino puts your opponent to an immediate topdecking situation if he inflicts damage. Yamata gives you 5 cards as soon as it inflicts any damage. In my opinion though, these two are far too hard to get out to use either of the effects. Even with Spirit backup cards like Spiritual Energy Settle Machine (to be discussed later) they just aren't worth using. Long Nose is an interesting card, 1900 attack is low for a tribute monster especially a Spirit, but his effect is decent. Since spirits leave you wide open to direct assaults his handy effect prevents your opponent from conducting a Battle Phase next turn.

While the tribute Spirits are fun and interesting cards they are not near as useful as the non-tributes. My favorite is Inaba White Rabbit:
Inaba White Rabbit
Group: Beast/Spirit/Effect
Type: Earth
Atk: 700
Def: 500
-Spirit Effect- This monster attacks your opponent's Life Points directly.

Now he doesn't look like much at first glance but once you see him in action you'll find his true power. If you combo this card with Gravity Bind or Messenger of Peace he can inflict a lot of pain to your opponent. He gets summoned, hits them for 700 and then disappears back to your hand, safe from battle until next turn where the process repeats.

Maharaghi is another useful little creature:
Group: Rock/Spirit/Effect
Type: Earth
Atk: 1200
Def: 1700
-Spirit Effect- If this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or flipped face-up, see 1 card on the top of your Deck during your next Draw Phase before you draw, and return the card to the top or the bottom of your Deck.

The phrase ´´or flipped face-up´´ is what gives this card an edge. When you set him face-down he doesn't return during the End Phase. Then when your opponent attacks him, he ´´flips face-up” and you get his effect during your next Draw Phase. You get to choose whether you want the card you see or want to draw something completely new.

Of course what good would an article on Spirits be if I didn't mention everyone's favorite, Tsukuyomi.
Group: Spellcaster/Spirit/Effect
Type: Dark
Atk: 1100
Def: 1400
-Spirit Effect- When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or flipped face-up, flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down Defense Position.

This has to be the most used spirit card. Free monster flip, that means you can re-use any flip effect monsters you have face-up on the field. Cyber, Morphing, Needle, or any number of other useful Flip monsters can be put right back to face-down so you get the effect twice.

Asura Priest is another useful Spirit card. He has 1700 attack and can attack every monster on your opponent's side of the field. Not terribly useful in most decks because you don't want your opponent to have more than 2 monsters out anyway. Fushi No Tori only has 1200 attack, but when it inflicts Battle Damage you increase your Life Points by an equal amount. Susa Soldier is a big hitter with a noticeable drawback. He has 2000 attack which is great for a 4 star monster but any damage he inflicts to your opponent is halved, more for stall or monster removal than anything else. Last but not least of the Spirits is Otohime. With no attack and only 100 defense it’s a card that doesn't and shouldn't see much play. Her effect is to change the position of an opponent's monster. Hardly worth using unless you need stall or just like the art.

Now the Spirits by themselves seem decent but not outstanding. So we shall need some support if we plan to build a deck with them. Spring of Rebirth is probably the most useful to them. Any time a monster is returned from the field to its owner's hand you gain 500 LP. Not bad since in a Spirit deck there is bound to be a lot of returning. Spiritual Energy Settle Machine is another amazing Spirit card. As long as it remains face-up on the field Spirit monsters do not return during the End Phase. While it seems like it would be the more useful of the two cards you don't get as many effects if the spirits stay out on the field, and it costs you 1 card from your hand during each of your End Phases. Finally is Spirit's Invitation, for 500 LP during each of your Standby Phases you can return an opponent's monster to their hand each time one of your monsters is returned.

The rest of the deck will be Spell/Trap removal, Field control, and damage control. So here's what my deck looked like:

1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Great Long Nose

3 Maharaghi
3 Inaba White Rabbit
2 Asura Priest
2 Fushi No Tori
2 Susa Soldier
2 Otohime
2 Tsukuyomi

2 Fissure
2 Spring of Rebirth
2 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine
2 Creature Swap
1 Snatch Steal
1 Change of Heart
1 Pot of Greed
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Heavy Storm

3 Waboku
2 Spirit's Invitation
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Ring of Destruction

Total: 40 cards

Thanks for reading.

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