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CardShark Content - Patrick Sullivan (7/2/2003)

Well with the stress all gone, I’m happy to report I slept in (not as much as those retarded Freedom brothers but late nonetheless). I go and bring Brochu’s big cheque as well as all my stuff to the car. These two kids keep stopping me when they see someone winning money for some Lord of the Rings event and asking me if I really won all that money? I say no, my friend did. Then they say where is he? And then I say, sleeping but I came in third and I won one-fifth of this cheque. Isn’t that something? Then they ask again, yeah but where’s your friend who won this big cheque? I WANTED to say that I stabbed him and stole it, now get lost!!! But I didn’t have the guts, so I simply said, ‘you little turds run along now.’

I then finally found a decent breakfast place near the Crowne Plaza. It was called Max and Ermas or something. So I had awesome coffee and great eggs and terrible sausages and horrible potatoes but it was still ten times better than the other two places.

Back to the room, force everyone to check out and DON’T FORGET TO RETURN THE ROOM KEY CARDS. I then go and sign up for Day Two Continentals.

So I show up and Gabe isn’t there and I’m actually really sad he isn’t. He’s crazy fun to have around and we made fun of each other all the day before and now he’s no where to be found. Plus in his absence, someone like Tennet who stalled his way to become the North American Champion (driving right up to that Wall of Dalton and simply waited for it to fall, then proceeded) would have never got away with that had Gabe been running the show. Where in the blue blazes where the judges when all this stalling was taking place?

Anyway I might have spoiled the punch line (a la Brochu) by showing that I didn’t win the event but here are the games just the same:

Round One
Me (1882) vs. Dung-Hanh Nguyen (1884)
Brochu told her the deck was good but he should have also told her it was an auto-lose to my deck.
Good: I am MEGA teched against Dunland. I wish I saw more of it. I would have loved to tear a chunk off De Senneville.
Bad: I mapped out Golden Hall like I did to Dalton and that really helped me out.
Ugly: She starts Eowyn, Eomer and plays Aragorn. At site 3, Frodo is all by himself.
Result: Shadow Kill at site 5. I played Witchking at site 2 when I meant to play Attea so I tried changing them and she didn’t let me. Good for her J 1-0 (I’m going to win this thing!)

Round Two
Me (1882) vs. Philip French (1877)
Great guy. Complete Mirror Match. Almost down to the last card I believe.
Good: He played so well. I didn’t allow him a take back at some point and he was totally cool with it. Nice job.
Bad: I really should not have played WitchKing/Pale Blade/Steed at site 8 Plains because of WINGCHOW. I’m just asking him to double against that which is what he did.
Ugly: At site 6, I’m at 4 burdens and he plays Toldea. My fellowship is untouched with Merry and a Hobbit Sword. So he goes for Merry. I play a Severed His Bonds. He looks a me and laughs. And then goes for merry again figuring lightening doesn’t hit the same spot twice. I add one to the pool and play a little something I call Severed His Bonds AGAIN. We both cry out in laughter and then he proceeds to win the game at 9. What a blast.
Results: His fellowship makes it to 9 alive and in good working order.

So now I’m 1-1 and within striking distance of John Curran and both Freedom brothers because they slept in by accident until 10h15 and took a game loss each. I really don’t want to play those anti-canadian Freedom brothers cuz I’ll never hear the end of it if I lose. But in about two seconds, I sure wished I was paired up against one of them instead of….

Round Three
Me (1882) vs. Patrick Malboeuf (2105)
Good: Saying WINGCHOW everytime you double move with Wingfoot and dropping two wound tokens from high above like some kind of ninja move never EVER gets old.
Bad: Upon my arrival, my fellowship consisted of an exhausted Legolas with Tale of Gil-Galad, an exhausted Gorn, an exhausted Bounder, an exhausted Elrond with Vilya and an exhausted Frodo with NINE burdens. I’ve never felt to messed up. Dalton would have been drooling if he had been looking at that kind of fellowship.
Ugly: Patrick had 3 PATHS at site 9 to win the game.
Result: Pat makes it to site 9 way ahead of me and it isn’t even close. I’m 1-2 (I have to win all three of my next games to have a shot at top 8)

Round Four
Me (1882) vs John Curran (1857)
7 culture fellowship with Moria
I do not understand how John Curran can have any rating that is higher than 1501. I consider this guy to be a really great friend at cons. We’re always laughing at situations and stuff. That’s why I feel quite comfortable in stating for a fact that I believe John Curran to be the KING of scrubs. I shall henceforth refer to said person as KING of scrubs.
Good: Playing John Curran is certainly a stark contrast to my previous match-up but a welcome one nonetheless. Hey who needs strength of schedule anyway? Playing against John was such a blast. We just kept laughing. He actually played all 7 cultures at site one and when he finally played Durin’s Secret (yes, you heard right), I had fun pretending to see if I could count the appropriate twilight.
Bad: 100 takebacks at least. It was so funny.
Ugly: 2 Paths on the troll with Hammer to save my fellowship from near-death.
Result: I doubled every turn against a deck I have a weakness against. That Durin’s Secret gave me a near heart attack. I made it to site 9 and won. Too much fun. I’m now 2-2 (must win next two games)

Round 5
Me (1882) vs Efridge Engelhart (1993)
Moria Sneak/ultimate sam-gimli choke
Good: Efridge has a really cool and confident play style. That deck was wack and I couldn’t double against it cuz Vilya was a late bloomer.
Bad: My shark hat is really getting itchy
Ugly: That was the most bizarre fellowship I’d seen in a while. I really should have tried for WitchKing Pale Blade to get rid of those four promises. But I tell ya, Black Breaths on both hobbits with a tip on Frodo gets the job done.
Result:” Shadow Kill at 9. Fun game. I almost got 3 nazgul on the table. I’m now 3-2 and need to win one more.

I should mention at this time that I keep getting reports on how my ‘protégé’ is proceeding. First round, he OWNS Tennet by teching against Nazgul. He then proceeds to defeat PAT MALBOEUF immediately after. It was so incredible. I was so happy. He was as well. It’s really quite a cool feeling when this type of thing happens to you for the first time. Anyway he ends up placing 8th overall making it to the playoffs but must bow-out gracefully to catch a flight. He gives up his seat to Brandan Irwin (friend of Casey and friends). It was awesome.

Round Six:
Me *(1882) vs. Jerry Wang (1784)
Smeagol saves against Witch King
Good: Jerry was such a nice guy. He states right off the bat that he is a big fan of my TRs and can’t believe he gets to be in one. Make sure you come to GenCon and hopefully you’ll be in the next one too!
Bad: I got outbid for the first time today. No Aragorn for me.
Ugly: He gives me 8 two sites in a row so I play Witch King twice and he manages to kill 4 companions in 2 sites.
Result: Shadow Kill site 5. I love when Ered Nimais comes out as your opponent’s site 4 cuz that usually means you’ve seen the extent of their fellowship. So I knew Frodo didn’t have much longer on this earth.

So I end up going 4-2 but Malboeuf drops and Curran is almost like having a drop (just buggin ya, buddy!), so my strength of schedule is horrid. I don’t make top 8 which is good news because we really want to go home. Luckily Alex made top 8 so there was some Canadian presence much to Mike French’s chagrin!!!

So we leave at 5 pm after saying our goodbyes and get into Montreal at 5. Pat Malboeuf drives 2 of those hours and I drive 10. I was seeing pink elephants on the hood of my car the entire last 3 hours of the trip.

Much like our drive home from DecipherCon last year, we were so delusional that we were laughing most of the trip when pat was awake. I almost drove off the road when Pat Malboeuf tells me ‘these are strong cards’ and I see he’s playing two Hyatt Room Keys as his starting fellowship on my f**king dashboard.

  CardShark for being a great supporting sponsor and lending us those incredibly lucky shark hats!
  Pat Malboeuf for providing much needed highs at very down moments
  Brochu & Hanh for being so kissy-kissy that it rubbed off on Val and now drives Pat crazy
  Brochu for helping out my fantasy team J
  John ‘King of Scrubs’ Curran for having a great sense of humor. Can’t wait for Spokane!
  Geoff Smith for surprising even himself. Nothing in life is sweeter than that.
  Dalton for being a wall that few can find a way around
  Ryan Gilleland for having the best attitude and for being the only guy that defeated Brochu in a game on Day Two. Can’t wait for more fun times at GenCon.
  Casey Barson for being a friendly bear with no money
  Brad Eier for best play experience of the weekend. Gencon!
  Joshua Carey for doing so well and for being a fun matchup on Day One
  Dom for playing keys with Pat (it’s like a wrestling match with monkeys)
  Francis De Senneville for being supportive and playing awesome
  Kyle Craft for not placing 17th and for the good times
  Tim McKnight for continuing to chill with us over drinks when most of it is in French
  Josh Cornwall-Mott (I think this is the first time I’m giving you props?) for getting to the finals and deserving it
  Doug Faust (always smiling)
  Todd Vandewalker for giving me a run for my money
  Dan Clark for sporting best straw hat (and defeating Casey was HUGE)
  Mikael Lane for actually saying hello back when I said hello
  Munchkin for having hair and being supportive in that game against Josh
  Gabe Alonso for always being the first judge I would call over for a ruling (you are one efficient mo-fo). NO SOUP FOR YOU! J
  Efridge for having cool hair
 The Dinega brothers for always smiling and being good sports win-or-lose.
  Will Cruse for no longer having cool facial hair and looking like he’s 17 years old
  Jerry Wang for the fun game and for having a good attitude
  BoJo for the advice on how to win a game
  Scott Vandewalker for being my first victim and getting my confidence up to railroad 4 others after you J
  Mike Girard for the advice and the foil Hides (and for sitting thru Dalton’s shadow phase)
  Kim Logie for running a really relaxed Continental championship
  Matt Clemens for being so darn efficient (except when you missed calling 10 minute warning when it was actually 9 minutes)
  Philip French for my toughest match-up all weekend
  Huge props to Peter Sundholm for helping me put the game in focus

  Malcolm for sitting behind me in a game against his best friend and then looking all upset and hurt when Gabe orders you to move
  Ty Hansen for putting a stain on my near perfect weekend
  Hyatt for ridiculous breakfast cost that doesn’t even taste good
  Tennet for stalling out Dalton and countless others (although you did help me out on that fantasy team so I can’t stay mad at you J

Watch out for the full flavour experience of a fully operational 4-member Team CardShark at GenCon where we’re coming back with great vengeance and furious anger.

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