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CardShark Content - Ray Liu (8/20/2002)

Lord of the Rings Card-Shark Tournament at Origins

After breaking the record for largest Decipher tournament ever held with the Premiere Series on Friday, Decipher continued to provide a fun and
competitive environment at Origins the following day. A dedicated eighteen players showed up for the Lord of the Rings tournament sponsored by Card-Shark, looking for prizes and excitement.
Winding down from the intense eight rounds of the previous day, the aim
of this tournament was to have fun and Card-Shark was determined to make
that happen. In addition to t-shirts and foils, three displays of Realms of the Elf Lords were also generously donated by the online retailer. Prizes were given out not only for winning the tournament, but during individual matches as well. Arwen, Daughter of Elrond and Boromir, Lord of Gondor foils were among the awards for good sportsmanship, with packs going out to other participants for accomplishing goals such as ´´Kill the Balrog without Power According to His Stature´´ or ´´Fastest to Kill a
Companion.´´ At the end of five rounds, William Cruse stood triumphant as first place and received an entire display of Realms of the Elf Lords. Participants received packs in addition to the ones they were given throughout the rounds, and a good time was had by all. Thanks go out to the players, Marcus Cramer for helping with the tournament and Card-Shark for making the day fun and rewarding for all!

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