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CardShark Content - Rob Howard (10/1/2005)

Hello fellow CardShark members. I have built many different decks for myself and my 10 year old son to compete with in various tournaments and regional tournaments as well. He does very well, as he understands the show and dueling far beyond his age. I want to tell everyone about the last deck we built together. We call it the ´´CYBER KILL´´ deck. There are many versions now being played with pretty good success. Our version's deck list looks like this.......

( MONSTERS - 13 )
Cyber Jar x 1
Witch x 1
Sangan x 1
Mystic Tomato x 3
Spirit Reaper x 1
Des Koala x 3
Magician of Faith x 2
Tsukuyomi x 1

( SPELLS - 23 )
Pot of Greed x 1
Graceful Charity x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Heavy Storm x 1
Giant Trunade x 2
Serial Spell x 1
Card Destruction x 1
Book of Moon x 3
Book of Taiyou x 3
A Feather of the Phoenix x 1
Monster Reincarnation x 1
The Shallow Grave x 2
Spell Reproduction x 2
Last Will x 2
Soul Reversal x 1

( TRAPS - 4 )
Imperial Order x 1
Waboku x 2
Magic Drain x 1

Waboku x 1
Magic Drain x 2
Jowgen the Spirit. x1
Nob. of Cross. x 2
Scapegoat x 1
Mess. of Peace x 2
Spell Reprod. x 1
Reload x 2
Level Limit Area B x 2
Magician of Faith x 1

As we played it, we won some matches on the 1st turn. We could count on 2nd or 3rd turn wins almost all of the time. Most duelists playing this type of deck are main decking Level Limit Area B. After many duels and matches we decided to side deck them to play more monster retrieval to speed up the Cyber Kill. We use Last Will to help get Cyber Jar from deck to the field. Monster Reborn, A Feather of the Phoenix, Monster Reincarnation, The Shallow Grave and Soul Reversal are used to get Cyber Jar back to the field, hand or top of your deck. Book of Moons, Book of Taiyous and Tsukuyomi are used to flip Cyber Jar and can be used defensively on your opponent’s creatures also if needed.

We added Des Koalas for an alternate win condition. When flipped, Des Koala inflicts 400 points of direct damage to opponent for every card in his/her hand. Get 20 cards in opponents hand, flip Koala, does 400 x 20 = 8000 points. The main combo of this deck is Card Destruction and Serial Spell, making opponents discard their entire hand and draw the same number of cards from their deck times 2, via Serial Spell. Do this to deck them out so they cannot draw when their next turn begins. You WIN!

You can add cards like Ring of Destruction, Premature Burial, Smashing Ground, Snatch Steal, Raigeki, Swords of Revealing Light, more Serial Spell, if they are not limited or restricted. Some of these will increase the cost of building this deck. Our goal was speed and to build a very inexpensive deck that would have a chance to win every time it was played. And we only wanted to use cards that we had in our collections. So, we built our Cyber Kill deck from our pool of cards without using any cards from our main decks. This is without a doubt, the least expensive Yu-Gi-Oh that we have ever built. It is fun to play. Keep in mind that you will have to think moves and plays ahead so, to get good at playing this deck you have to play it a lot to get used to all of the ins and outs of it. Trying new strategies, new combos and new decks can only improve your dueling skills and make you a better competitor. Good Luck and thank you for reading my first article for CardShark! If you would, please rate this article, or you can send me email with any comments about this article.

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