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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (5/5/2005)

Suicide black has seen its time in the MTG world, but it seems it has entered the world of duel masters. Since Shadow Clash there have been darkness cards that have descent power for the level of rarity.

And first card up is the beast Dailados, General of Fury. This card has extreme has power for speed with just the cost of sacrificing one creature to allow it to attack.
Mana: 4
Power: 11000
Abilities: Double Breaker and sacrifice a creature to allow it to attack

This card adds the much-needed strength and speed darkness needed to catch up and keep up with the other civs. So lets see what can stop it on the forth turn, creature wise there is nothing, spell wise death smoke is available. Let’s take a look at turn five; biggest blocker is 8000 power from the darkness civ, a chaos worm, and a good shield trigger.

The next new card added to this power house is Proclamation of Death, forcing your opponent to choose and sacrifice one of his/her creatures and it’s a shield trigger. It's just as good as a terror pit even though you don’t get to choose. Still a very handy card, very playable.

With the combination of older cards in the game can make a very powerful deck that can run through many of the standard decks out there in the tournament arena. Here’s a deck I made up based on the new cards and the style of a suicide black deck in MTG.

Creatures (24)
4: Dailados, General of Fury
4: Bloody Squito
4: Stinger Worm
4: Locomotiver
4: Gregorian worm
4: Chaos worm

Spells (16)
4: Death Smoke
4: Terror pit
4: Proclamation of death
4: Ghost touch

There were some other cards that could be added such as Zargaan knight of darkness, Deathliger, and a few others. But I saw them as cards that would slow down the deck speed and mess up the mana curve. But feel free to add and change the some of the cards in the deck if they don’t suit you.

The idea of the deck is speed and power; overwhelm the opponent with quick power and a little hand disruption. This can win the game against most decks, with that said there is a few that can potentially handle the suicide darkness deck.

The first up is the mono fire deck, the combination of many small, speedy hitters, with a few big ones out does the mono darkness deck. Although with the right luck and good shield trigger set this deck can squeeze out a win. The second deck that can stop or at least slow it down would be the nature/water control deck. The deck has that annoying combination of speed and bounce that all gamers hate to face, but it is fun to run. Anyway the darkness deck is a use it or lost it deck the, where as the control deck is a recycling machine. Beating this deck will take the individual skill of the player to overcome it.

Major cards to look out for are corile, spiral gate, death smoke, terror pit, natural snare, holy awe, and some more very good evo cards. It takes patience to use the suicide darkness deck. Most players have a hard time using a deck that sacrifices parts of the deck to win the game. This deck tosses everything away creatures, cards in hand, and shield space. If you decide to run this deck just remember to be patient and wait for the cards to come when they are needed.

Thanks for reading my article, email me for any ideas on the deck or for anything you want to have reviewed

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