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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (6/21/2005)

In the world of yugi the decks that seem to dominate the tournaments are the chaos deck. Good they may be, but a little on the pricy side. This deck style can easily drain your savings. So for those who want to play yugi on the competitive level I offer you a deck to fit your budget. This deck is based around the most useful Tsukuyomi card.

Dark type monster
When this monster is normal summoned, flipped summoned or flipped face up flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face down defense position.

This card can create great draw engines, recycling engines, and/or a great stall tactic. For instance if your opponent has tribe infecting virus, blade knight, or anything with a 1000 or less defense you can summon it to the field flip their monster face down and attack, removing a field threat your opponent may have.

However, I must say there are still the staple cards in that deck that are needed for the survival of the deck such as mirror force, breaker the magical warrior, and you know the rest. But, the main deck has few things that will throw off your opponent. Running in the deck are 2 Gravekeeper’s guard and 2 Gravekeeper’s spies. The spies allow for you to search the deck for a monster card with gravekeeper in the name and special summon it to the field in face-up attack or defense position. The Gravekeeper’s guards allow for both some defense and creature removal by bouncing some threats that may exist.

Another little monster that has a great effect in today’s yugi environment is the Mysterious Guard. This guy returns a face-up monster on the field to the top of the owner’s deck when flipped face-up. This is a great card for stall and an excellent candidate for a tsukuyomi combo by removing threats like the BLS or the Phoenix off the field and into the next draw of the opponent.

The main idea of the deck is focused around the tsukuyomi and generates a strong position of field control. Well know that I’ve got your attention hers the deck list…

2: Gravekeeper’s Guard
2: Gravekeeper’s Spy
2: Night Assailant
2: Apprentice Magician
2: Magician of faith
2: Tsukuyomi
3: Mysterious Guard
2: Des Lacooda
1: Sangan
1: Don Zaloog
1: Breaker the magical warrior

3: Messenger of peace
1: Lightning vortex
1: Swords of revealing light
1: Premature Burial
1: Snatch Steal
1: Graceful Charity
1: Pot of greed
1: Mystical space typhoon
1: Heavy storm
1: Delinquent duo

3: Drop off
1: Magic cylinder
1: Call of the haunted
1: torrential tribute
1: Ring of destruction
1: Mirror force

For a total of 40 cards, the deck is lean and ready for action; though feel free to add any changes you want to make with the deck because building a good and competitive deck takes some experimentation. This deck is a high candidate for those on a strict budget, if you wait a few weeks many of the cards will down grade in rarity with the release of dark beginnings 2.

As for the test of the deck I have already entered a local tournament with the deck and managed to sneak into the top 4 of the tournament and this was with the rough draft and one hour construction of the deck. However, there are a few cards that can rip apart the deck such as nobleman of crossout and royal command. Due to the nature of the deck, anything that stops flip effects is going to present a major problem. I haven’t created a side deck yet for it so any who read this article and find the deck interesting have some freedom for some creativity. There are only 2 cards I was considering placing in the side deck and they are magic drain and necrovalley to slow down some chaos decks. With the right player and maybe some more adjustments this deck might have stuff to survive a regionals.

This ran well against most of my friends and has done well in a handful of local tournaments. This deck can have great potential but does require some patience to use and win with.

Thanks for reading my article feel free to email me for any questions or comments.

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