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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (7/7/2005)

There has been a deck style that has dominated the minds of many duelists in the tourney environment of Yugioh. In addition, many have feared, frowned, and favored this new environment of game play. Granted the deck is powerful but it still has its downsides, as do many other decks. Playing chaos does not automatically make you a better player; your own skill will determine how good of a player you will be.

First thing to look at is there are many versions of the chaos deck, each changing with arrival of new sets and cards. The first version of chaos since the appearance of the advanced format was the zombie chaos deck. This deck utilized the effects and speed of zombies as well as the high levels of dark type monsters already in place. Another variant is the Phoenix control deck, which focuses on keeping the pace of the duel in check till you get the cards you need to gain the advantage.

Each form of the chaos strategy has great potential especially in the hands of the skilled player. However, chaos decks have been getting a bad rap lately, mostly from those who don’t have the cards to make the deck. They also vocalize their disgust the loudest. This has become a bother and an annoyance to the skilled players who just happen to be using the deck style. Over the weekend I watched a couple of duelists play at a local shop. One had a chaos deck while the other had a zombie deck. The one playing with the chaos deck had a regionals mat and was winning with little effort. Naturally the other player got a little frustrated and declared, “ If you didn’t have a chaos you wouldn’t win.” So they switched decks and began another duel, the regional player still was able to win with little effort. He showed that it’s all skill with a little luck.

I tried my hand at chaos and built a deck that focused around the phoenix as well as siding in the DMOC if needed. Playing with the deck has taught me how to be patient and learn to anticipate what cards will be played on average. It definitely has made me a better player over all. I haven’t tested the deck in a tourney yet but I believe it will do fine so here is the deck list.

Monsters – 20 Fusion Deck - 8
3: Magician of Faith 3: Dark Balter the Terrible
2: Apprentice Magician 2: Thousand-eyes Restrict
2: Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 2: Fiend Skull Dragon
1: DD Assailant 1: Ryu Senshi
1: Tribe Infecting Virus
1: Airknight Parshath Side Deck - 15
1: Sinister Serpent 2: Creature Swap
1: BLS – Envoy of the Beginning 2: Scapegoat
1: Breaker the magical warrior 1: Wave-motion Cannon
1: Exiled Force 2: Drop off
1: DD Warrior Lady 2: Dust Tornado
1: Tsukuyomi 2: Night Assailant
1: Sangan 2: Blade Knight
1: Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys 1: Jinzo
1: Hand of Nephthys 1: Dark Magician of Chaos
1: Asura Priest

Magic - 13
1: Pot of Greed
1: Graceful Charity
1: Heavy Storm
1: Nobleman of crossout
1: Lightning vortex
1: Mystical space typhoon
1: Scapegoat
1: Enemy Controller
1: Swords of Revealing Light
1: Metamorphosis
1: Premature Burial
1: Delinquent Duo
1: Snatch Steal

1: Ring of Destruction
1: Torrential Tribute
1: Ceasefire
1: Magic Cylinder
1: Bottomless Trap Hole
1: Call of the Haunted
1: Mirror force

The deck can handle almost every deck style except for a well-put together beat down such as a warrior deck. However, if you play smart and don’t get too frustrated you can easily slow down a beat down deck and regain control of the duel. I sided in the Jinzo because there were too many tributes as it is and the deck can still win without the BLS and the Phoenix. The DMOC is in the side just in case you run into a stall deck and need a little bit of power and draw speed to get to what you need. I choose to run only one DD Assailant because for the most part it was an earth type and would of set the balance of the light and dark in the deck.

Keeping a good balance of light and dark in your deck allows for the BLS to hit the field fast and easily in the duel. Some good light monsters are obviously the DD Warrior Lady and the Airknight Parshath, but there was a hidden one the most people forgot about since the set came out about two years ago, Asura priest. This card can clear the field of those annoying goats or cards that fetch cards from the deck like apprentice magician and mystic tomatoes and etc. The Magicians of faith are in the deck to keep the draw power going and keep on recycling any cards needed at a certain moment. The kycoos are for the little control you will need to slow down another chaos deck if need be. All the cards in the deck are meant for controlling the pace of the game and not let things move to fast.

The Apprentice magicians are in there to speed up the process of getting to the magicians of faith and/or the hand of Nephthys and get out the phoenix as soon as possible. Tsukuyomi there to reuse the flip cards and create a little bit of control on the field and get back the cards you need or flip face-down some annoying cards like Jinzo.

Now to the side deck, the cards look confusing at first but when you think about it they start to make sense. The two extra scapegoats are for the blocking the beat down decks mainly the new gearfried the swordmaster decks that have seen competitive play. The same goes for the creature swaps that in there, just a little something to stop the beat decks. Dust tornados and drop offs are for the control decks that are out there. The Jinzo was put in the side deck because I thought there were too many tributes as it is in the deck. The same goes for the DMOC, just too much high levels in the deck.

With everyone running chaos or hating chaos I would like to say there is nothing wrong with using the cards you have in the best way possible. For those that don’t have the cards to make the deck there are many decks out there that have potential and can floor any chaos deck out there. When a deck wins it’s not because of one particular card but the skill the player has. I guess that’s from my personal perspective, because many have criticized players who run the chaos deck. So don’t hate, just play the game; it’s meant to be for fun anyway.

Playing chaos takes a little getting used to; it’s not like other decks. If you decide to build this deck then play test it a lot and figure out why certain things are in there and how to use the cards in the situations. I can’t list all the situations you might face so just play the deck for a couple of weeks to get the hang of it. And good luck to you.

Thanks for reading my article email any feedback you have for me.

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