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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (9/13/2005)

The new banned/restricted list is going to be released at the beginning of this September and will take affect on the first of October. There have been many rumors as to want will go onto the banned list, the most popular is BLS and Metamorphosis. BLS is a possibility if the judges want to change the environment away from chaos. So I will humor the rumors and make a deck to the new banned/restricted list. The three cards that will affect the game the most will be the ban of BLS, and the restriction of metamorphosis and tsukuyomi.

Here’s the deck list of the deck I think will do well in the new format…

Monster – 17
2: Magician of faith
2: Abyss Soldier
2: Summoner of Illusions
1: Tribe-Infecting Virus
1: Exiled Force
1: Sinister Serpent
1: Jinzo
2: Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
1: Morphing Jar
1: D.D. Warrior Lady
1: Breaker the Magical Warrior
1: Sangan

Spells – 16
1: Delinquent Duo
1: Pot of Greed
1: Graceful Charity
1: Messenger of peace
2: Scapegoat
1: Premature Burial
2: Nobleman of Crossout
1: Metamorphosis
1: Smashing Ground
1: Heavy Storm
1: Mystical Space Typhoon
2: Book of Moon
1: Snatch Steal

Traps – 7
1: Dust Tornado
1: Torrential Tribute
1: Ring of Destruction
2: Sakuretsu Armor
1: Call of the Haunted
1: Mirror Force

Fusion – 23
1: Thousand-eyes Restrict
1: Charubin the Fire Knight
3: Darkfire Dragon
2: Reaper of the Nightmare
3: Dark Balter the Terrible
3: Fiend Skull Dragon
3: Warrior from another Planet
3: Cyber Twin dragon
2: Gatling dragon

Side Deck – 15
1: Tsukuyomi
2: Moby’s the Frost Monarch
1: Enraged Battle Ox
1: Dark Catapulter
2: Creature Swap
1: Lightning Vortex
1: Emergency Provisions
1: Smashing Ground
1: Royal Decree
1: Chain Disappearance
1: Ceasefire
2: Bottomless Trap Hole

This deck doesn’t seem to look like it would function and win matches. But don’t let that fool you, the deck has a lot of draw power and hand control. The deck has all the aspects you need for a good solid consistent winning deck. The side deck allows for the deck to adapt to other deck strategies. The deck still needs a Royal Decree so it can switch over to the Royal Decree control deck with little problems.

I decided to take this deck to a local tournament and see how well the deck will do in the current format because if it can do well in this metagame the deck will have no problem adapting to the new metagame. I though BLS would be a huge problem against the deck but there was no threat from the beastly giant.

Well I entered the Saturday tournament; we were playing in a sanctioned tournament so at least I’ll get some points to my ranking. The tournament was a 3 round swiss with a top 4 single elimination. The prizes were 1 pack to fourth, 2 packs to third, 3 packs to second, and 7 packs first.

First round I was paired up against a warrior chaos deck. So speed and Don Zaloog were going to be problem since my deck was a little on the slow side. We rolled to decide who goes first, I won the roll and opted to go first. I got lucky and played pot of greed. I had some options, so I set a Dekoichi and set a Messenger of Peace. My opponent set one card and played mystical on my messenger. Then he summoned a captain and a command knight, so I got hit for 1600 and drew my card. My turn was a quick response; I played Abyss soldier and discarded sinister serpent to bounce command knight and attacked the captain for 600. Some more quick moves and it end with me snatching a BLS and morphing it into a Cyber twin dragon for game.

Second game went pretty bad for me because I had a bad hand. I almost turned the tide of the game but the BLS hit the field and crushed me. So I lost that one. The third game went like the first so the match was mine. End of round one record: 1-0.

Second match I was up against another warrior chaos deck but with a few cards from the new set. The Matches went pretty quickly. He did not give me a chance to respond to anything which made the win even better. Summoner and cyber twin dragon win the games so the record is now 2-0.

Third match I had to play a fellow teammate from team anarchy. The games were very good, some of the best games I played all day. It was a lot of setting cards and keeping the hand sizes full. He ran a goat control deck so I knew I couldn’t let goat tokens stay on the field too long. I won both games but they were hard games to win. Each game Summoner won the game for me. So my record was 3-0 and I placed second overall in the top four seating.

In the top four two other places were taken by the fellow teammates and one spot was taken up by the guy I played second round. And I had to face the same guy I played in the second round of the swiss part. That was an easy and fun match, no pressure. The Finals was a different story. We had to go all three games and they were pretty tough games too. First game I won with the help of abyss soldier and playing nobleman five times. The second game I lost. I had a good hand but he forced me to burn my cards early and crushed me late in the game. The third game I had the lock down with the magician, tsukuyomi, and abyss soldier; so the third game went fairly quickly but was still a good game.

Overall the day was pretty good. I didn’t get anything to bad out of the packs and I learned how to play my deck a little better. The deck proved to be quite powerful and was able to sustain momentum against the chaos decks. The deck could still use some improving, Chaos Sorcerer can be used nicely in the deck a long with 1 or 2 more royal decrees for the quick switch of strategies. On the bright side, the abyss soldier is a great combo if you can pull it off.

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