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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (1/18/2006)

Over the past year there has been great success with the concept of teams in the competitive YuGiOh environment. Props go to Comic Odyssey and Overdose to be the first to pioneer this new concept. Both teams have had great success over the past year, each claiming their share of Shonen Jump Championships, this can be checked out at metagame.com.

However, there have been teams that just formed and fell apart quickly due to illusions of grandeur. There are successful teams that have made their mark of the format and the competitive arena, such as Team Scoop. But, if you are looking to recreate the success of those teams then you must learn how to form a team. Many duelists think you just have to be good to be on a team, which to an extent is true. A good team is made of good players, but good players can also be made, and sometimes people forget that.

The first part in forming a good team is to group together players that are at about the same skill level and have a desire to improve upon their skills and get better. Select people who constantly improve and view a loss as a learning experience rather than getting mad and cursing out the other players. Having a strong team that respects each other and is willing to take the next steps to get better will be a big part for the team’s success. If you want to become a premier player then you’re going to have to start somewhere.

The second part is to have trust in the players of the team and give everyone a chance to be a part of the team. Trust in the other players’ abilities and potential is a huge part in keeping the team together. Teams fall apart when the players don’t like each other and that leads to group dysfunction and will not allow the team to reach the set goals.

Another part is setting reasonable goals for the team. Don’t form a team and then go to a Shonen Jump Championship thinking you’re going to win instantly. It will take a lot of practices and small tourneys to make the team competitive and able to compete with other star teams. So sometimes you will have to ignore the recent successes of other new and up-coming teams and try to just focus on taking the team one step at a time to reach the desired goal.

The last part (although there are many other minor parts to the team) is how a team recruits new members. Many of the teams that have fallen apart have done so through poor recruiting techniques. You can’t just recruit those that are far better than the team overall or only those that have made top 8’s at Regionals. The team will have to find those that are good and have the potential to become great players. For example I know of a local team in my area that has slowly began to make a presence in the New Jersey and Eastern PA area. They have shown many of the traits I have just mentioned and can become a powerful team in the future. It’s not because they have recruited star players but because they are making star players. They may not be star players now, but they practice enough and attend enough tourneys to see their goals to the end.

This team has many qualities that can lead to its success; being polite no matter what the outcome of the match and each member of the team always shakes hands with their opponents and have friendly conversations and even offer to help the other person play better. The major quality in the team is that they seek to improve each time they go into a regional, Shonen Jump, and/or local tourney. For example, one week they might be 4-3 and the next week they will be 5-2, and they keep doing this until they get better and keep the record consistently. A part of their success is that they are all friends and do other things other than play the game. Yes they practice but they also take time off and just hang out with each other (the best way to put it).

The team’s name is Team Anarchy and as of right now they are looking for a few more good players for the next season of Shonen Jump Championships. I managed to join the team over the summer and they seem like a nice bunch of people to practice with. I improved my game greatly and I hope others have the same success I did in joining team.

Not looking to form a team, but wanting join a good and well known team? Here are some things to consider. Distance – some of the star teams will only recruit those that live in a reasonable distance of where the team plays locally. So try to find a team that is in your area and where you are able to prove your skills to them. Second, try to build some good credentials; most good teams want to see consistency rather than an occasional top 8 at a regional. Have a positive attitude and be a good sport because no one likes a jerk or a person with an inflated ego. Find ways to get your name out there, go to regionals where the metagame is hard and a lot of star players go.

So in conclusion, whether forming a team or joining a team there are many things to consider: locations, your own skills, the team’s goals, and many other criteria that will affect your chances at success. Good luck to all in their hopes of duplicating the success of many other star teams.

Thanks for reading my article, and by the way email me for any info on joining Team Anarchy or if you have any comments on the article.

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