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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (1/30/2006)

Hello fans. I’ve got my first of many regional reports for you. This was an exciting regional with a good amount of upsets, and maybe some downers for a few of the good players who attended. From Team Anarchy seven members attended. Unfortunately I could not attend but they managed to give the results of the tournament. However, the team as a whole had some bad luck but a few of the members managed to pull off a good performance.

Since this is my first regional report for Cardshark, so I would like to go over a few pointers for those who do not attend tourneys of this competitive level…

1. Make sure to have a list of the banned and forbidden list and build a deck according to the updated list.

2. Second is to have the time to practice and test the deck out before you go. This is so you know how the deck works and where its weaknesses are.

3. Finally make sure you have a ride and try to go with friends, these tourneys tend to be more fun when you go with a group of friends, plus the cost of the trip goes down a lot too.

4. Is have a good time and remember to be a good sport whether you win or lose.

Now that the basics have been covered, I can go into the results of the tournament and first up are the results of the team…
John D.: 7-2, made it to top4 and got his invite to 06 Nats, placed 4th
Raheen: 5-2, pretty good for a strike ninja deck, placed 34th
Alex R.: 4-3, not bad
Ethan F.: 4-3
Jeff M.: 3-3 dropped in the sixth round
Mike S: 3-4, wow what happened, you go from 7-2 and Somerset to 3-4 at Bluebell. I guess luck was not on your side
Andrew S.: 3-4, luck must not have been your side too

There were other friends that I knew who went to the regional that are not on the team…
Matt E.: 6-1 placed 10th
John S.: 5-2 placed 15th
Good job to those guys, though it sucks though to go x-1 in a seven round regional and not make top8.

Unfortunately the only match stats I have are for John D. and I also don’t have life point totals for his matches either. But I will give you what I have…

Round 1
Was against Jon Mak who did not show, so good game and on to the next round.

Round 2
Was against, as he put it, a random newbie whose deck was complete randomness.

Round 3
Was against a good player, Wilson Lim, who was running standard cookie cutter, so I guess the Dansbury luck kicked in and he lost the match.

Round 4
Was against an easy opponent who was running a chaos deck with spy control.

Round 5
Was against a regular at the store who also happened to be good too. He was running tomato control and John managed to pull a win out of it.

Round 6
Was against Chris Evans who was running standard control and John’s luck was amazing that day.

Round 7
Was against Dean Winning, who also was running tomato control and John’s luck just kept rolling with good hands and getting what he needed when he needed it.

At the end of seven rounds of swiss format the top8 standings were thus…

1.Brett Yetter
2.Jeremy Smith
3.Peter Le
4.Anthony Ling
5.John Dansbury
6.Tony Mera
7.Edward Ortiz
8.Anthony Bruno

Round 1 of finals
John manages to beat Brett, and Brett didn’t mind since he already had his invite so no pressure for him.

Round 2 of finals
The infamous Dansbury luck kicked in again in game three of the match with a starting hand of no monster, so that was that and John gets his invite for ’06 nats.

Great job John and to the team. Also great performance by those who attended the regional, a total of 168 players. And for those that did not make top8, don’t worry there are plenty of other regionals coming up so good luck.

Here is John’s deck list
Deck – New hand control
Monsters – 20
3: Cyber Dragon
2: Mobius the frost monarch
3: Spirit reaper
2: DD Assailant
2: Mystic tomato
2: Don zaloog
1: Mystic swordsmen lvl 2
1: Exiled force
1: Breaker the magical warrior
1: DD warrior lady
1: Sangan
1: DD survivor

Spells – 13
2: Smashing ground
2: Reinforcement of the army
1: Snatch steal
1: Dark hole
1: Enemy controller
1: Premature burial
1: Book of moon
1: Noblemen of crossout
1: Swords of revealing light
1: Heavy storm
1: Mystical space typhoons

Traps – 7
3: Sakuretsu armor
1: Call of the haunted
1: Torrential tribute
1: Dust tornado
1: Bottomless trap hole

Side deck – 15
1: Magician of faith
1: King tiger wanghu
1: Jinzo
2: Goblin attack force
2: Kinetic soldier
3: Broww, huntsman of dark world
2: Messenger of peace
1: Scapegoat
1: Royal decree
1: Bottomless trap hole

New hand control seems to be great in some cases and in other environments tends to be a little lacking. And at this regional tomato control was dominating the tournament. But overall it was a great tournament and a nice thank you from us duelists to the store Infinite Quest for hosting it.

And the prizes were the typical for a yugi regional…
Top4 get invites to nationals
Top8 get exclusive playmats which at this one happened to be the old style ones, a.k.a. the good ones
And as always packs based on attendance

If you haven’t had much success at regionals, don’t worry. Eventually you will make a top8 or top4 appearance as long as you keep practicing and have a positive attitude toward the whole experience.

Thanks for reading my article and I hope to have more reports on regionals and other big events for yugi and I’ll have more exciting news to give you. My next regional report will be in Rochester, New York on Feb. 25 and I will hopefully be attending this one. The details of the regional are posted at www.ude.com. I look forward to seeing you guys there. Email any comments you have about the article to me.

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