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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (2/20/2006)

With Soul Control, a player has to be patient and wait for the right moment to strike the opponent and claim the victory. The original founder of this deck style is Evan Vargas, who is a member of Team Savage (unfortunately the team recently broke up, a sad day for Yugi). Soul Control has good potential in this new environment and can win some premier events such as Regionals and Shonen Jump Championships. I have been experimenting with Soul Control for the past month, as you can see from the previous articles. I’m trying to boil the deck down to a competitive and powerful engine, maybe be able to take a Regional or two. So hopefully I will have this deck ready for the Rochester Regionals on 2/25.

Over the past weeks the deck has been doing well, going 3-2, 4-1, and another 4-1. After all those tourneys I realized, as many others who use the deck find, that the deck gives bad draws on a regular basis. So to beat this the deck relies on having field control for a while to draw out of the bad pocket of cards. The hard part is rebuilding the deck to compensate for this problem, and one obvious solution is to put the dekoichi trains and tsukuyomi. This will provide 2 cards per turn, giving +1 card advantage every turn. But this does not solve the problem. I tried the magical merchants and they had a fifty-fifty result, generally more harm than good.

Well heres the deck list that I came up with after tinkering with it for a while

Monsters – 19
2: Mobius the frost monarch
1: Thestoles the firestorm monarch
1: Airknight Parshath
2: Dekoichi the Battlechanted locomotive
2: Gravekeeper Spy
2: Spirit reaper
1: Gravekeeper Guard
1: Tsukuyomi
1: Breaker the magical warrior
1: Sangan
1: DD warrior lady
1: Exiled force
1: Mystic swordsmen lvl 2
1: Enraged Battle Ox
1: Magician of Faith

Spells - 13
3: Smashing grounds
1: Nobleman of crossout
1: Swords of revealing light
1: Premature burial
1: Mystical space typhoon
1: Dark hole
1: Heavy storm
1: Book of moon
1: Brain control
1: Snatch steal
1: Soul exchange

Traps - 8
3: Sakurestsu armor
2: Bottomless trap hole
1: Widespread ruin
1: Torrential tribute
1: Call of the haunted

Sidedeck – 15
2: Dust tornado
2: Royal decree
1: Ceasefire
1: Jinzo
1: Mobius the frost monarch
2: DD assailants
2: Don zaloog
2: Kinetic soldier
2: Reinforcement of the army

It took awhile but I managed to round the deck out to a slim 40 cards and managed to get around the bad draws. And to prove the effort put in, I’ll give you the results of the recent tourney. It was a seven round swiss with top 8 elimination and about 90 people showed up for this. Good practice for a Regional.

Round 1
First game I get crushed with cyber dragon and don zaloog synergy. He had everything he needed to win the game.
Game 2, I managed to win quickly by siding in all the warrior tool box I had and managed to clear his field of everything and swing with 3 dons and 2 trains to win.
Game 3 was a good game. I managed to get him to top deck mode twice in the game but could not finish him off.
0-1, looking pretty bad for me

Round 2
I was up against a final destiny and countdown deck so I won.
Round 3
This was a good match for me, warrior toolbox. Game 1 I stalled with the spies and reapers to pull out the tributes and managed to maintain six cards in hand to the end of the game. Game 2 I sided the warrior toolbox stuff and I guess he sided for Soul Control, so he wasn’t ready for the hand control and the speed.

Round 4
I was up against a spellcaster control deck. It was very interesting and he had me going in the second game. The first was pretty quick the monarchs hitting the field and keeping his field clear. The second game was close, neither of us sided. He managed to pull the magical dimension combo and bring a dark magician of chaos to the field. So I countered with a armor but he did it again, bringing a dark magician to the field. So next turn I smashing ground and set reaper. At this point he had nothing and I have f/d reaper and Airknight in hand. I topdeck a premature burial and summon Airknight to win. He had another dark magician in hand.

Round 5
I’m doing pretty well and I am up against a warrior control deck. It wasn’t toolbox, didn’t have the speed for it. I managed to win 2-0 match against him. First game was long, I stalled for a long time. He kept using dark hole and torrential when I got one monster out. So eventually the monarchs came out to claim the win. Game 2 I took out the Airknight and the firestorm monarch for 2 DDAs and took out the reapers for kinetic soldiers. I got everything I sided in so it was a quick game.

Round 6
I was up against a similar deck, but the guy was playing on impulse burning his good cards fast. This was a quick match.
5-1, woot!!! Feeling very good, going to make a top 8 if I win next round.

Round 7
The prizes are huge for top 8. So I’m pumped for this match. The guy was playing tomato control. First game I win barely, like 900 to his 300. I topdeck a breaker for the win. Second game he rushed me before I could set up a defense. Third game I win by swarming the field with spies and low attack monsters.

6-1 off a bad start this was a good day for me.
T8 standings follow, sorry I forgot some names
1 – the guy I lost to
2 – me
3 – Jeff
4 – Ryan
5-7 – sorry forgot
8 – guy who won last week

T8 round 1
I win fast against the guy. He seemed pretty upset by it and couldn’t focus after that so he ended up scooping a few turns into the second game.
7-1 woot!!!!

T8 round 2
This was against the guy I played in round 5 and had the same result except I sided in the warrior toolbox stuff and he sided out his warriors. Still, second game was quick and he had a bad hand to begin with.

The finals
We were playing for a play set of dd warriors and a box. This match was some pressure, but I think it got to him more than it did to me. Game 1 I win by the skin of my teeth, I had 100 life points left to his 7800!! Wow, he just ran out if steam and I kept stalling to bring him down to 500-life points left and he ended up decking out. Second game he crushed me with his reaper control and he got what he sided and I didn’t. Game 3 I though about siding a lot of cards in but only sided in the ceasefire and left the toolbox stuff in. This was a good match. I was top decking in turn five but had field control, this was confusing but I’ll take it. Last turn of the game he had a good plan but I stopped it with a f/d book of moon. He scooped after that. He wasn’t too happy about the loss.

Well the tournament went very well despite the early loss for me. The prize set up was…
1st – 3 DDWs and a box elemental energy
2nd – box of elemental energy
3rd and 4th – 16 packs of their choice
5th – 8th – 8 packs of their choice

Going 9-1 in a tourn
Wining a box and 3 DDWs
And having two friends in top 8

The walk home
The poor sports in top8
Some people I know not making a t8 that should have

It was a fun day and I got to see how my deck will handle in a Regional environment. The Airknight tech really worked well and the same for the enraged battle ox. Thanks for reading my article, send feedback through the e-mail.

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