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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (3/20/2006)

This was a good regional with a good turnout of about 230 people. This was about half the expected amount that was hyped online in many forums, but we still managed to function as a team even though we came with decks to last in a ten round tournament. As a team we functioned very well, bringing 4 members and having one top 8 and one place 20th, which was very good for us. The regional was hosted by Dreamwizards and was eight rounds of swiss tournament format followed by a top 8 cut elimination rounds.

Well let’s get onto the matches…

Match 1
Me vs. Jeremy
Game 1
Me: 8000-6600-3800-3300-2900-1300
Jeremy: 8000-5200-3500-2500-1700-700-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7900
Jeremy: 8000-7500-5100-2100-0
The first game I was so shocked to see a magician deck that a Dark Magician of Chaos made 2 direct hits on me…ouch, but still won. The second game was no challenge as he drew a bad hand and I rushed with hand control.
Overall: 1-0

Match 2
Me vs. Anthony
Game 1
Me: 8000-7100
Anthony: 8000-6500-3600-2200-2100-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-5400-3000-2200-1300
Anthony: 8000-5900-4100-2300-500-0
He had Warrior toolbox, so I had the better match up against him with a Tomato control deck.
Overall: 2-0

Match 3
Me vs. Brett
Game 1
Me: 8000-6800-5100-6100-7100-8100-7600-7200-6900-6100-3000-1300-1200
Brett: 8000-6600-5800-5000-4600-3500-4000-5000-2700-3700-3500-2100-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7400-5800-5600-3800-2300-300-0
Brett: 8000
Game 3 – time was called
Me: 8000-6600-6300-4900-4100
Brett: 8000-7800-7500-6700-6400-4700-2600-2500
This was one of the best matches of the day; game 1 went back and forth and took the better part of the round to finish. Second game he managed to get quick hand control and advantage with Spirit Reapers. I won game 3 with stall and good top decks.
Overall: 3-0

Match 4
Me vs. Jamal
Game 1
Me: 8000-7200-6600-4600
Jamal: 8000-6600-4800-2400-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7700
Jamal: 8000-5700-4900-4700-0
Skill drain deck does not do well against a Tomato control deck. Game 2 I sided in another Dust Tornado which came in handy late in game 2.
Overall: 4-0

Match 5
Me vs. Jose
Game 1
Me: 8000-6900-5400-5200-4600
Jose: 8000-7700-5900-4100-3300-1400-500-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7500-7200-5500-3800-2100-0
Jose: 8000-7300-5200-5100
Game 3
Me: 8000-6400-5200-3800-2400-1000-0
Jose: 8000-6600-5200
The only poor match up I could have, a Pot of Avarice deck and he was a really good player.
Overall: 4-1

Match 6
Me vs. Ernst (not the one who won the regional)
We got hit with a random deck check and both received a game loss. I got a loss for not filling out the deck list properly and he had an extra card in his deck.
Game 1
Me: 8000-7900
Ernst: 8000-7900-7100-5700-4300-2900-0
Overall: 5-1

Match 7
Me vs. Jerome
Game 1
Me: 8000-7700-7400-7100-6900-6600-6300-6000-5700-5400-3000-600-0
Jerome: 8000-7800-6700-5300-3900
Game 2
Me: 8000-0
Jerome: 8000-3000
He was a really good player, end of story.
Overall: 5-2

Match 8
Me vs. Brendon
Game 1
Me: 8000-6400-6100-5800-4800
Brendon: 8000-6300-6100-6000-5800-4400-1400-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7800-4500-5500-3400-4400-2800-3800-3300-2300-0
Brendon: 8000-6500
Game 3
Me: 8000-7700-6600
Brendon: 8000-6200-4800-3400-2000-1200-200-0
Finally I was able to beat a Pot deck, record against them was 1-2 for the day.

Overall it was a fun tournament and was nice to end the day in 20th place, but I still could have done better. John (His report is at the team site www.freewebs.com/team-anarchy/) on the other hand did very well at this regional, going 7-1 in the swiss portion, but he lost to the guy that won the regional. The other members went 5-3 and the other was doing 3-1 but had to drop for personal reasons. We did fairly well as a team but we still need a lot of work, and there are many areas to improve upon. Thanks for reading my report. Thanks agains to Dreamwizards for hosting the regional and a huge thanks to the judges for doing a good job. Good job to everyone who went and good luck to everyone at the next regional.

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