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CardShark Content - Robert Balsamel (4/28/2006)

This was an impressive weekend with new decks and new tech that no one had anticipated. The decks that did well were unexpected and those that were supposed do well fell to the wayside. Anyway, on with my ok performance at the tournament. I came with three other team members and they did well. The other members did fairly well too so it was a decent weekend.
Here are my matches…

Round 1
Me vs. Julian
Game 1
Me: 8000-6600-6300-6200-6100-6000-5900-3600
Julian: 8000-5400-5100-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-6500-5700-5100
Julian: 8000-7500-7200-4800-1900-500-1500-0
Overall: 1-0

Round 2
Me vs. Tony
Game 1
Me: 8000-6100-4600-3000-4000-5000-0
Tony: 8000-5600-4600
Game 2
Me: 8000
Tony: 8000-6200-3200-4200-900-1900-0
Game 3
Me: 8000-7200-5500-400-1400
Tony: 8000-7000-5600-4200-3900-3100-1000-100-0
Had some amazing comebacks in the third game, he almost had me with a full field on monsters but was 400 points shy of winning.
Overall: 2-0

Round 3
Me vs. Phil
Game 1
Me: 8000-7000-4600-2200-3200-0
Phil: 8000-6100
Game 2
Me: 8000-6400-6100-5900-5100-4100-2800-2500-0
Phil: 8000-7700-4800
Overall: 2-1

Round 4
Me vs. Mike
Game 1
Me: 8000
Mike: 8000-7700-5300-3800-2300-800-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7700-6700-5700-4900-0
Mike: 8000-5500-3800-3000-2600
Game 3
Me: 8000-7500
Mike: 8000-7000-5600-4200-1800-0
I misplayed and let Wave-motion Cannon blow up for game.
Overall: 3-1

Round 5
Me vs. Arron
Game 1
Me: 8000-6200-4700
Arron: 8000-6200-4100-5100-4500-2100-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7600-8600-8200-6400-4300-3200-700-0
Arron: 8000-7900-3600-4600-5600-4900-3700-3200
Game 3
Me: 8000-7500-6700-6500-3250
Arron: 8000-7200-6500-5700-4700-3300-800-0
Good games, My body as a Shield won both games for me.
Overall: 4-1

Round 6
Me vs. ???
I lost the sheet with the info on it so all I know is that I lost this match. It was a good bunch of games, it sucks that I lost the info.
Overall: 4-2

Round 7
Me vs. Dave
Game 1
Me: 8000-7700-7400-5500-3400-2100-800-0
Dave: 8000-7200-6900-5600
Game 2
Me: 8000-6100
Dave: 8000-7000-4600-5600-3200-4200-3400-3100-700-400-0
Game 3
Me: 8000-5800
Dave: 8000-7700-7400-6000-5800-5300-3200-0
Overall: 5-2

Round 8
Me vs. Jeff
Game 1
Me: 8000-7300-7000-5700-4600-2600-600-0
Jeff: 8000-5800-5500-4700-4200-3400-3100-2100-100
Game 2
Me: 8000-6900-5400-4200-3400-1800-0
Jeff: 8000-7000-6700-5200-3900-3800-2800
Overall: 5-3

Round 9
Me vs. Tim
Game 1
Me: 8000-7400-5900-5800
Tim: 8000-7200-5700-4300-2900-1800-0
Game 2
Me: 8000-7000-5400-4700-2900-1400
Tim: 8000-5900-5600-5300-4500-2900-1300-0
Overall: 6-3

Round 10
Me vs. Baron
Game 1
Me: 8000-7900-5500-3400-3700-3200-2800-2400-0
Baron: 8000-6600-5800-5600-2700-3700
Game 2
Me: 8000-1000
Baron: 8000-7000-6000-5000-4000-3800-3700-0
Game: 3
Me: 8000-7000-3500-3200-900-450
Baron: 8000-7600-5500-4700-2400-3400-1000-0
Good games, Solemn Judgment really came in handy in games 2 and 3.
Overall: 7-3

Overall I place 40th in the tournament, not bad for my first Shonen Jump. I got some great insight on the developing meta and have a good idea of what I will run for the regionals to come. Thanks for reading my article, sorry I don’t have a deck list for you guys. Stay posted as I will have reports on regionals in Brooklyn and Rochester.

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