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CardShark Content - Sean Mantlow (11/20/2002)

Starting fellowship:
Frodo-Tired Traveller
The One Ring-The Ruling Ring
Gimili-Unbidden Guest
Legolas-Elven Comrade

Adventure Path
The Riddermark
Rohirrim Village
Westemnet Plains
White Mountains
Hornburg Courtyard
Hornburg Armory
Hornburg Causeway
Ring of Isengard
Orthanc Library

Legolas(Elven Comrade)
Gimili(Unbidden Guest)
Pippin(Woolly-Footed Rascal) x2
Merry(Learned Guide) x2
Aragorn (Wingfoot) x2
Ranger of Ithilien
Faramir(Son of Denethor)
Gondorian Ranger
War and Valor
Ranger's Bow
Defend It and Hope x3
Ranger's Sword(Blade of Aragorn) x2
Boromir's Gauntlets x2
Sword of Gondor x2
Knocked on the head x2
Hobbit Sword
Swiftly and Softly x2
Supporting Fire x2
Elven Sword
Elven Bow
Valor x3
Best Company x3


Hillman Tribe
Dunlending Ravenger
Dark Fury x4
Hillman Band
Dunlending Savage
Dunlending Arsonist x2
Constantly Threatening
War Club x2
Dunlending Ransacker x2
Dunlending Warrior x2
Dunlending Madman x2
Wild Man of Dunland x2
Dunlending Robber x2
Band of Wild men x3
Burn Every Village
Dunlending Pillager x4
Death to the Strawheads x3
Iron Axe x4

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