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CardShark Content - Steven Merkel (12/18/2003)

In my opinion, Ring-Bound Rangers, if played right, are one of the best cultures. They are all around effective at killing both low, and high Vitality Minions. They can also remove burdens just by playing them (With Frodo, Tired Traveler). It is no problem to make any minion roaming past site 9 using Gondorian Rangers and Ancient Roads.

They have Companions like Mablung, which can kill any minion when equipped with a Ranger's Bow.
To Play Ring-bound Rangers, one of the Main People you want to get is Faramir, Captain of Gondor, If you can't get him, use Faramir, Ithilien Ranger, he is less effective, but can heal your guys.

Other cards you want are 4 Gondorian Rangers and a couple Ancient Roads. Combined these can make any Minion Roaming at 9. (Gondorian Rangers are more effective, since they aren't discarded so Easily)

Now that you have Made Minions completely forgotten where they live, you can put in Mablung to kill minions easily. Put in 4 Ranger's Bows for Mablung and your Gondorian Rangers to shoot People, and a Faramir's Bow So Faramir can do the same thing (Him Being, an archer is somewhat a disadvantage, for cards like Reckless charge)

For Backup, you can put in Curse Them if you need to cancel a skirmish you can't win yet. New Errand Is OK, but I personally don't use it. For Some Extra Support, use 4 Sword of Gondor for Faramir and your Gondorian Rangers. Also Banner of Westernesse is good to put in for Mablung and maybe your last Gondorian Ranger, since Mablung Can Win Fairly Easily.

One of the Major Weaknesses of Ring-Bound Rangers is Cavern Entrance Site 7, since they rely so much on Skirmish abilities with their Bows, so a pathfinder or 2 will help get past this problem.
When it comes to Moria Swarm, a Frying pan should be in the deck for Frodo to deal with Big Guys (remember to watch out for Armories).
For managing Healing, since this type of deck doesn't lose many skirmishes (If Any, I've gone through plenty of games and never lost a skirmish) you can put in 3 or 4 Citadel of Minas Tirith to heal at the end of every turn.
To deal with additional Burdens, Sam, Samwise the Brave may be good to put in to stop burdens.
To deal with conditions like Blade Tip, Black Breath, and other conditions that go on your Companions; put in 4 Athelas to discard them (Blade Tips don't often get on, since you don't lose Skirmishes).
In order to take on an extra minion with 3 or 4 Vitality, you use Boromir, My Brother and Faramir, and Saga of Elendil on someone else (Or on Faramir Also).
Just in case you run into Difficulty, put in 4 Defend it and Hope to lower minon's vitality for the Skirmish Phase, or to make a swarm smaller.
A good Shadow to go along with this deck is one that can eat through the deck in a hurry, and get all the cards you need quickly (Such as Moria)

So all together you have,

1: Faramir, Captain of Gondor or 1: Faramir, Ithilien Ranger
1: Mablung, Soldier of Gondor
4: Gondorian Rangers
2: Ancient Roads
1: Mablung
4: Ranger’s Bows
1: Faramir’s Bow
2: Curse Them or 2: New Errand
4: Sword of Gondor
1: Banner of Westernesse
1: Pathfinder
1: Frying Pan
4: Citadel of Minas Tirith
1: Sam, Samwise the Brave
4: Athelas
4: Defend it and Hope

I have won many games with this deck, but most important is having fun.

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