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CardShark Content - TJ McCarthy (3/3/2003)

The only PSQ in Northern California before Vegas was in Cupertino on Saturday, March 1, so competition was expected to be fierce, with some of the best players around coming to compete for Premier Points. Well, we were not disappointed, as 7 of the top 10 players in California (including current #1 in CA, Mike Mendoza, and defending Comic-Con champion Nian Perion) were in attendance (although two of them were myself and TD Steve Daniel [who was the one really running the event, I just helped him out], so we don’t really count), as well as some players from as far out of town as Los Angeles.
A total of 28 players showed up, so it wasn’t the biggest tournament ever, but that just served to make the opposition more concentrated, as was seen in Round 2, when the 4 highest-rated players were matched up, with Mike Mendoza facing Alfred Dong and Nian Perion taking on Mason Gilligan. As well as the championship-level players, there were many less experienced players there just to have a good time, so it was a lot of fun all around.
The dominant decks were, as expected, Uruk-hai and Moria Swarm, with a few notable exceptions, including the 2 players who ended up in the final confrontation. At the end of the sixth and final round, three players were tied at 5-1 (+16), with a fourth 5-1 just out of the running due to a tough timed win earlier in the tournament. After tiebreakers were checked, the top 2 were Mike Garland and Norman Perion, so they faced off in the final confrontation, which saw Norman emerge victorious.
The final standings were:

1. Norman Perion (5-1, +16) Pipeweed - Uruk Archery
2. Mike Garland (5-1, +16) Horn - Moria Archery with Isengard Orcs
3. Nike Tan (5-1, +16) Gandalf uberfellowship - Uruk ally hate
4. Philip Green (5-1, +15) Horn - Uruks
5. Nian Perion (4-2, +14) Man/Elf - Uruk ally hate
6. Vincent Garrlentine (4-2, +14) choke - Uruk trackers
7. Tim Green (4-2, +14) choke - Uruks
8. Alfred Dong (4-2, +14) choke - Moria

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