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CardShark Content - Tim Hunt (8/19/2002)

Card Shark is pleased to be a sponsoring partner of the first Foundation Gaming Convention. The weekend of Sept. 20-22 will see action in LOTR, Magic, Mage Knight and Star Trek CCG as well as miniatures, board games and role playing.

Foundation Gaming Convention will be holding 24 hour gaming for 3 days! We
will have demos, events and tournaments of all gaming types, including
miniatures, card games, board games, and roleplaying. There will be a
dealers room, 24 hour open gaming area, and lots of great prizes and

Find our list of events and pre-registration ticket info at

Ticket Prices to get into Foundation Con:
Friday $5
Saturday $10
Sunday $10
Weekend Pass $20

All players finishing each event will receive one booster pack provided by
www.CardShark.com in addition to all prize support provided by Decipher!

Friday, Sept. 20
7pm Constructed Tournament. 4 Rounds. Free!
11pm Sealed (Starter + 2 Boosters). 4 Rounds. $10 event fee.

Saturday, Sept. 21
11am Constructed. 6 Rounds. Free! ´´Sting´´ Replica given to winner!
7pm Sealed (Starter + 2 Boosters). 4 Rounds. $10 event fee.

Sunday, Sept. 22
10am Constructed Multiplayer. 4 Rounds. Free.

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