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CardShark Content - Tom Hairston (1/17/2005)

Anyone who has played VS. System knows that combining team affiliations can lead to some powerful combo’s. But so far I’ve only seen decks that combined two team affiliations. So I decided to see if I could take it a step farther and try to combine three different team affiliations. I’ve put together this deck that has worked numerous times in tournament play. I call it, “The Villains of VS.”
Characters (35)

Chameleon (4)
Atomic Skull (4)
Shimmer (2)
Charger (2)
Lex Luthor: President Luthor (3)
Dr. Octopus: Otto Octavius (2)
Venom: Alien Symbiote (2)
Blackfire (1)
Green Goblin: Norman Osborn (3)
Morbius (1)
Dr. Light (2)
Lex Luthor: Power Armor (2)
Dr. Octopus: Doc Ock (1)
Psimon (2)
Apocalypse (1)
Doomsday (1)
Onslaught (1)
Imperiex (1)

Plot Twist (25)

Crushing Blow (3)
Mega-Blast (2)
The Underworld Star (2)
Gone But Not Forgotten (4)
Marvel Team-Up (3)
Revenge Pact (1)
Sinister Salvo (1)
Sinister Six (2)
Spider Slayers (1)
Unmasked (2)
World’s Finest (4)

Okay, now that I’ve given you the deck, you may be wondering how it works. Well there are many different parts to how this deck works, so allow me to break it down into sections for you.

As any VS. player knows, characters can not team attack or reinforce one another unless they have the same team affiliation. And there are three different teams in this deck (Revenge Squad, Sinister Syndicate, and Fearsome Five), so you can imagine that this would make things difficult on your deck. But that’s why this deck contains Marvel Team-Up, World’s Finest, and Sinister Six to give all your characters the same team affiliation. There’s also Chameleon, who can use his ability to become any team affiliation.

So far there isn’t much life (or endurance as it’s known in this game) gain in the game of VS. yet. But I put some of the cards that do exist in this deck in order to buy you some time so that you can make it till turn eight or so and bring out a game ender (see below). Using Morbius and Gone But Not Forgotten will help keep your endurance high for most of the game.

What if you’re facing a character that is way stronger than anything you have to throw at it? Well you could team attack it, and get one of your own characters stunned, or you could use the abilities of some of your characters to take care of it. Use Atomic Skull and a bunch or Ongoing Plot Twist (of which there are 18 in this deck) to instantly stun a character. Or you could use Dr. Light to stun a character if you have enough of your own characters out, and if you wait till turn nine and use Dr. Light with his boost then that won’t be a problem. But perhaps the most impressive combo is Green Goblin and Blackfire. Blackfire can stun any character on the front row, and the Green Goblin can stun any character in the support row, they’re not safe no matter where they go.

There are a couple of cards in this deck that will help you searching for just the card you want to find. Revenge Pact helps you find a Revenge Squad character as long as it’s close to the top of your deck. The Underworld Star helps you search for a Fearsome Five character anywhere in your deck. And if you need a lot of cards, then you can’t go wrong with President Luthor, who lets you draw cards equal to the number of ongoing plot twist you control (once again, let me remind you, there’s 18 of them in this deck).

One of the ways to stall until you get out a game ending character is life gain, which I already described. But there are many other ways besides that. Shimmer and Otto Octavius let you exhaust your opponent’s characters, which first off won’t let them attack, and secondly you can use that effect with Crushing Blow to do some impressive damage. Charger is a good three turn drop, but if you can’t get a four turn drop next turn, then you can remove his counter and make him as powerful as most four turn drops. Then there’s the best four turn drop, Venom. If you get him out on turn four, sacrifice a character with a cost of three, then Venom will be powerful enough that if you don’t have a character to bring out on turn five, it doesn’t matter, Venom is strong enough to last you until turn six.

Lastly come the game enders. These characters don’t come out until turn eight or later, but once you get them out the game is pretty much over. Apocalypse can destroy your opponent’s resources, Doomsday can wipe out your opponents characters, as can Onslaught, and Imperiex destroys every character except itself. But there is a combo that can end the game one turn before turn eight. Use Lex Luthor: Power Armor to keep your opponent from recruiting characters with a cost of seven or more, and then use Psimon to stop them from recruiting characters with a cost of six or less. They’re left with no characters and you can finish them off.

That’s just some of the ways that this deck can work, but feel free to add your own ideas to it. With three different team affiliations I’m sure there are tons of different combo’s this deck could make that I haven’t even thought of yet.

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