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CardShark Content - joe mix (11/17/2004)

After playing the rock in extended for a while playing against a lot of blue green madness decks, some white blue control, red deck wins, and some affinity I realized the rock has the best win % against the majority of the field. Playing at my local shop in Michigan I realized at least half the people have never been to a sanctioned event and those who did never did very good, though we do have some pretty good players. We usually have some tier decks that consistently show up at 1-2 b/u madness , 1-3 affinity, 1 tog, 1 red deck wins, 1 rock, 1 fires, and some other assorted jank. When we recently made the switch from type 2 to extended for a while trying to follow the season, and extended was the next up if your not including draft. The nice thing about the shop is the group is pretty much the same people every time which makes things a lot of fun when you know each other. Prize for the constructed events are store credit and its usually 30-40 bucks for first place. So being the competitive person I am I decided to play the rock because it had the best chances against the good decks and the random jank. I did something a little different from last seasons build and I decided to splash a mountain and 1 flametounge kavu main boarded. My decklist looks like this.

The Rock

4x llano war wastes
3x treetop village
1x volrath’s stronghold
6x forest
7x swamp
1x mountain

1x spirit monger
1x flame tongue kavu
3x wall of blossoms
1x nezumi grave robber ( I prefer this over withered wretch, casting is easier and you get a recurring ability)
1x nezumi short fang ( great for the control match up)
2x eternal witness
3x ravenous baloth
2x yavimaya elder
4x birds of paradise
1x genesis

Other Spells
1x cranial extraction
2x cabal therapy
1x smother
1x haunting echoes
4x duress
2x living wish ( this would be 1 if I had a recurring nightmare)
4x pernicious deed
3x diabolic edict

This deck is like a all in 1 toolbox for this seasons extended. Oh your playing affinity and I played birds turn 1 ok my turn 2 ill play deeds and turn 3 clear your board and then drop a fatty. What’s that your playing b/u madness ok ill remove wonder from the game and deeds your little 2 drops away. And don’t get me started on tog , you just extraction out tog or echoes out half their deck. Or even deeds tog from play. RDWs seems to be the only tough match up if you cant play enough chump blockers or wall of blossoms till you deeds their cursed scroll and lavamancers on the board or get a recurring baloth you loose. But with chills and spellshock in the board game 2 and 3 shouldn’t be a problem.

I did fairly well as I expected, I wasn’t worried until I had to play against my friend matt in the semifinals who was playing the exact build that won pro tour Columbus. I had never play tested versus that build before and was worried about meddling mages and the speed. As it turned out deeds on turn 3 and turn 4 clearing their whole board lands and all makes them scoop. Game 2 was a little closer but I managed to fight off duel hovergaurds and making him throw disciple in front of a 8/8 monger the turn before he top decks a ravager. So I made it to the finals where my friend and I split so we had enough time to draft. After testing this deck against a huge chunks of decks in the field my only real bad match up is against red deck wins. Because over half their deck hits strait to my dome. So what I decided to do was to change my sideboard to fight off red. So my sideboard looks like this.

4x chill ( perfect card for rdw)
2x island ( see above)
1x duplicant
2x viridian shaman
1x volrath’s stronghold
3x spellshock (ill throw them)
2x flame tongue kavu

This sideboard should fix my bad match up, and if there was an extended tournament tomorrow id bring this deck. I honestly cannot see how 61 rock players did so poorly at the pro tour. At least 4 should have top eighted. This deck just has enough power to push through the gauntlet. Ok until next time have fun drafting unhinged I know I will

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