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CardShark Content - legolas1067 (11/23/2003)

Hey readers in this article I’ll be telling you about great combo deck’s using Aluren
AlurenSet: Tempest
April Lee
Any player may play a creature card with total casting cost 3 or less whenever he or she could play an instant and without paying its casting cost.
. aluren is great on its own in any weenie deck using green but my favorite way to optimize aluren is to use it in a combo deck using cavern harpy. The way this works is that when aluren is on the fide cavern harpy can be played a million times. Cavern harpy, whose text reads when you play cavern harpy return a blue or black creature to your hand with cavern harpy conveniently is costing 1 blue and 1 black. So you play the harpy for free because of aluren then bounce it back to your hand because of its come into play ability, allowing for a million cards to go on the stack witch combed with storm abilities can be very nasty. Another card that goes good with aluren is wire wood savage witch text reads when a beast comes into play draw a card and since harpy is a beast it allows you to draw your deck. Here’s a look at some aluren decks that I have made in the past.

Type 1 aluren deck


8 forest

5 islands

8 swamps


4 cavern harpy

2 forgotten ancients

2 birds of paradise

2 spirit monger

Instants, sorcery’s, artifacts, enchantments

4 conterspell

4 brain freeze

4 isochron scepter

4 harrows

3 aluren

2 tendrils of agony

2 naturalize

Now with this deck it uses tutors to get the cards you need and once you have the combo you use either brain freeze to deck your opponent, tendrils of agony to kill your opponent or forgotten ancient to get a huge million million creature. I added in two naturalizes with the release of mirrodian incase you come up against something that you have to deal with then and now. The only problem with this deck though is that their isn’t any mass creature removal so if you come up against a tribal deck especially goblins you will have a serious disadvantage.


12 forests

10 islands


4 wire wood savage

4 disruptive pit mage

4 disruptive student

4 cavern harpy

4 psychatog

4 urborg elf

Other spells

4 aluren

4 Feldon's Cane
Feldon's Cane
Feldon's CaneSet: Fifth Edition
Mark Tedin
tap, Remove Feldon's Cane from the game: Shuffle your graveyard into your library.

4 conterspell

2 spell book

This deck is the answer to tribal decks tough it is harder to pull the combo off with out the tutors but you’ll have to manage. This deck allows you to draw your deck and then play all your creatures then discarding all your extra cards to psychatog dealing some major damage. One way to survive until you draw the combo is to center all the big stuff with the disruptive witch are basically the same card with different names that allow you to tap to conter a spell unless they pay an extra 1 (this can get very annoying to your opponents once you have all 8 out making them pay a total of 9 for a measly shock and so on.) and then if you are in a real stitch you can play a conterspell. The problem with this deck however is that it has no artifact removal which can be possibly suicidal with the release of Miridion.

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