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CardShark Content - legolas1067 (12/2/2003)

All right readers in this article ill be telling you about a great deck for friendly games and it might just to ok in a tournament you’ll have to test it out yourself to find out. Now this deck is almost type two and I struggled to make it so but unfortunately the key card in the deck just rotated out. Now I bet many of you at home are wondering what card I am talking about, could it be conterpell maybe even qsycatog. No I am talking about a little known rare from 7th that many people put off as useless the card I am talking about is final fortune this red rare is a modern day copy of one of the most powerful card in all of magic the card I am referring to of course is time walk. Final fortune is a great card with a huge catch that causes many players to just forget about it instead of making innovated decks around it. Final fortune allows you to take an extra turn after this one but at the end of that turn you lose the game. Now your first thought was probably this card sucks but mine was combed with platinum angel and Isochron scepter this card rules.

Infinit turns of burn deck type 1


22 Mountain
MountainSet: Arabian Nights
Douglas Shuler
Tap to add R to your mana pool.


4 platinum angel // cc 7 (1)

4 raging goblin // cc r *


4 Final fortune // cc rr (3)

4 Isochron scepter // cc 2 (1)

4 shock // cc r *

4 Pyrite Spell bomb // cc r (1)

4 lighting bolt // cc 1

4 blaze // cc x1

2 shatter // cc 1r *

2 Searing Wind
Searing Wind
Searing WindSet: Prophecy
John Matson
Searing Wind deals 10 damage to target creature or player.
// cc 8r *

2 furnace of rath // cc 1rrr *

Now when I fond out that I couldn’t make it type 2 I decided I might as well add in a few lightning bolts and some other type one cards and feel free to do so as well. Now this card is in the mediam price range to make, the hardest cards to get will probably be the isacron’s, the platnims and the lightning bolts but the bolts arnt key to the deck and can esily be replaced with a less expensive burn card. Now the way this deck works is to get platnim out then a isacron with a final fortune on it and then you pretty much win. You pay 2 and tap the isicron to take an extra turn but you don’t lose because of platnim and you just burn the heck out of your oponet. A problem with this deck though is that if you go up against hevey conter decks you might not get it out and you’ll have to hope you can burn your opoent to death befor you die.

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