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Article Submission Guidelines

Revised March 2010

Please read the following guidelines and understand them before submitting your article or deck list to CardShark.
  1. All submissions should be submitted in a plain text file or Word document sent as an attachment. Send files to submissions@cardshark.com. Please do not include any special formatting (indentation, boldface, italics, etc...) or links as these will not be shown.
  2. Always submit your real name, email address, CardShark username and a title that you want for your article. Indicate the game your article pertains to. Titles should be relatively short. Optionally, include an abstract. An example:

    John Q. Player


    Your username: sharky

    Game: Magic

    Title: Monkeys Gone Wild!

    Abstract: Using apes and only apes to destroy your opponent with simian style

  3. There is no minimum article length. However, to improve your chances of getting your article approved we suggest that you explain the thoughts behind cards in your deck lists and add some insight into how the deck operates.  For tournament decks, discuss matchups when possible or appropriate.
  4. Articles are deemed Featured or Casual based on content, originality, quality and ultimately the whim of our content editor.
  5. For formatting reasons, please list cards in a deck list like this:

    Red (9)
    4: Flametongue Kavu
    4: Lightning Bolt
    1: Shivan Dragon

    Green (8)
    4: Birds of Paradise
    4: Llanowar Elves

    And so on - be sure to include the land totals (and sideboard if possible)
  6. Writers are limited to one article per person, per week.
  7. All published article writers will receive SharkShares if they include their username. Check out our Shark Shares page for more information.
  8. Writers will also receive 1 SharkShare every time they get a rating of a 4 or 5 on their article.
  9. All articles become the property of CardShark. We may choose to publish part or all of your article in other ways. You will always get author credit.
  10. We may edit articles to improve their clarity or correct grammar.  They may be returned to the author for a rewrite, so please proofread before submitting.
  11. We have the right to reject any article. No profanity allowed, and no plagiarism (i.e., no stealing).

We reserve the right to modify these policies at any time and without notice.

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