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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Absorb InvasionInstant Rare $0.67
Addle InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.04
Æther Rift InvasionEnchantment Rare  
Aggressive Urge InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Agonizing Demise InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Alabaster Leech InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Alloy Golem InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Ancient Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Ancient Spring InvasionLand Common $0.03
Andradite Leech InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Angel of Mercy InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Angelic Shield InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.01
Annihilate InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Archaeological Dig InvasionLand Uncommon $0.02
Ardent Soldier InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Armadillo Cloak InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.05
Armored Guardian InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Artifact Mutation InvasionInstant Rare $0.26
Assault Battery InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.44
Atalya, Samite Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Aura Mutation InvasionInstant Rare $0.41
Aura Shards InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $2.27
Backlash InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Barrin's Spite InvasionSorcery Rare $0.03
Barrin's Unmaking InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Benalish Emissary InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Benalish Heralds InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Benalish Lancer InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Benalish Trapper InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Bend or Break InvasionSorcery Rare $0.02
Bind InvasionInstant Rare $0.13
Blazing Specter InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Blind Seer InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Blinding Light InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Bloodstone Cameo InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.02
Blurred Mongoose InvasionCreature Rare $0.12
Bog Initiate InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Breaking Wave InvasionSorcery Rare $0.02
Breath of Darigaaz InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Callous Giant InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Canopy Surge InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Capashen Unicorn InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Captain Sisay InvasionCreature Rare $4.83
Cauldron Dance InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Chaotic Strike InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.04
Charging Troll InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Chromatic Sphere InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.84
Cinder Shade InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Coalition Victory InvasionSorcery Rare $0.03
Coastal Tower InvasionLand Uncommon $0.02
Collapsing Borders InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Collective Restraint InvasionEnchantment Rare $1.30
Cremate InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.03
Crimson Acolyte InvasionCreature Common $0.06
Crosis's Attendant InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Crosis, the Purger InvasionCreature Rare $1.17
Crown of Flames InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Crusading Knight InvasionCreature Rare $0.19
Crypt Angel InvasionCreature Rare $0.03
Crystal Spray InvasionInstant Rare $0.03
Cursed Flesh InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Darigaaz's Attendant InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Darigaaz, the Igniter InvasionCreature Rare $0.10
Death or Glory InvasionSorcery Rare $0.03
Defiling Tears InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Desperate Research InvasionSorcery Rare $0.06
Devouring Strossus InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Dismantling Blow InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Disrupt InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.05
Distorting Wake InvasionSorcery Rare $0.02
Divine Presence InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.08
Do or Die InvasionSorcery Rare $0.12
Drake-Skull Cameo InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.01
Dream Thrush InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Dredge InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Dromar's Attendant InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Dromar, the Banisher InvasionCreature Rare $0.56
Dueling Grounds InvasionEnchantment Rare $2.83
Duskwalker InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Elfhame Palace InvasionLand Uncommon $0.02
Elfhame Sanctuary InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.05
Elvish Champion InvasionCreature Rare $1.67
Empress Galina InvasionCreature Rare $0.30
Essence Leak InvasionEnchant Permanent Uncommon $0.03
Exclude InvasionInstant Common $0.14
Exotic Curse InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Explosive Growth InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Fact or Fiction InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.05
Faerie Squadron InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Fertile Ground InvasionEnchant Land Common $0.01
Fight or Flight InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Firebrand Ranger InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Fires of Yavimaya InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.02
Firescreamer InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Forest InvasionLand Common $0.03
Forest InvasionLand Common $0.01
Forest InvasionLand Common $0.01
Forest InvasionLand Common $0.01
Frenzied Tilling InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Galina's Knight InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Geothermal Crevice InvasionLand Common $0.03
Ghitu Fire InvasionSorcery Rare $0.02
Glimmering Angel InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Global Ruin InvasionSorcery Rare $0.02
Goblin Spy InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Goham Djinn InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Halam Djinn InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Hanna, Ship's Navigator InvasionCreature Rare $0.95
Harrow InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Harsh Judgment InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.01
Hate Weaver InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Heroes' Reunion InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Holy Day InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Hooded Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Horned Cheetah InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.03
Hunting Kavu InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.03
Hypnotic Cloud InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Irrigation Ditch InvasionLand Common $0.01
Island InvasionLand Common $0.01
Island InvasionLand Common $0.01
Island InvasionLand Common $0.01
Island InvasionLand Common $0.01
Jade Leech InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Juntu Stakes InvasionArtifact Rare $0.05
Kangee, Aerie Keeper InvasionCreature Rare $1.04
Kavu Aggressor InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Kavu Chameleon InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Kavu Climber InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Kavu Lair InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.25
Kavu Monarch InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Kavu Runner InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Kavu Scout InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Kavu Titan InvasionCreature Rare $0.09
Keldon Necropolis InvasionLegendary Land Rare $0.07
Liberate InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Lightning Dart InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Llanowar Cavalry InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Llanowar Elite InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Llanowar Knight InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Llanowar Vanguard InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Loafing Giant InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Lobotomy InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.02
Lotus Guardian InvasionArtifact Creature Rare $0.01
Mages' Contest InvasionInstant Rare $0.03
Mana Maze InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.08
Maniacal Rage InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Manipulate Fate InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.04
Marauding Knight InvasionCreature Rare $0.04
Metathran Aerostat InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Metathran Transport InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Metathran Zombie InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Meteor Storm InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.03
Might Weaver InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Mountain InvasionLand Common $0.01
Mountain InvasionLand Common $0.01
Mountain InvasionLand Common $0.01
Mountain InvasionLand Common $0.01
Mourning InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Nightscape Apprentice InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Nightscape Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.04
Noble Panther InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Nomadic Elf InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Obliterate InvasionSorcery Rare $0.71
Obsidian Acolyte InvasionCreature Common $0.45
Opt InvasionInstant Common $0.14
Ordered Migration InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Orim's Touch InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Overabundance InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.12
Overload InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Pain Suffering InvasionSorcery Uncommon  
Phantasmal Terrain InvasionEnchant Land Common $0.01
Phyrexian Altar InvasionArtifact Rare $0.53
Phyrexian Battleflies InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Phyrexian Delver InvasionCreature Rare $0.89
Phyrexian Infiltrator InvasionCreature Rare $0.03
Phyrexian Lens InvasionArtifact Rare $0.02
Phyrexian Reaper InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Phyrexian Slayer InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Pincer Spider InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Plague Spitter InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.07
Plague Spores InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Plains InvasionLand Common $0.01
Plains InvasionLand Common $0.01
Plains InvasionLand Common $0.01
Plains InvasionLand Common $0.01
Planar Portal InvasionArtifact Rare $0.73
Pledge of Loyalty InvasionEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.01
Pouncing Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Power Armor InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.01
Prison Barricade InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Probe InvasionSorcery Common $0.81
Prohibit InvasionInstant Common $2.40
Protective Sphere InvasionEnchantment Common $0.03
Psychic Battle InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.23
Pulse of Llanowar InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.01
Pure Reflection InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Pyre Zombie InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Quirion Elves InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Quirion Sentinel InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Quirion Trailblazer InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Rage Weaver InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Raging Kavu InvasionCreature Rare $0.11
Rainbow Crow InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Rampant Elephant InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Ravenous Rats InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Razorfoot Griffin InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Reckless Assault InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.01
Reckless Spite InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Recoil InvasionInstant Common $0.28
Recover InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Repulse InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Restock InvasionSorcery Rare $0.03
Restrain InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Reviving Dose InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Reviving Vapors InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Rewards of Diversity InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.03
Reya Dawnbringer InvasionCreature Rare $0.36
Riptide Crab InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Rith's Attendant InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Rith, the Awakener InvasionCreature Rare $0.69
Rogue Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Rooting Kavu InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Rout InvasionSorcery Rare $2.06
Ruby Leech InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Ruham Djinn InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Sabertooth Nishoba InvasionCreature Rare $0.04
Salt Marsh InvasionLand Uncommon $0.03
Samite Archer InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Samite Ministration InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Sapphire Leech InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Saproling Infestation InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Saproling Symbiosis InvasionSorcery Rare $2.55
Savage Offensive InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Scarred Puma InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Scavenged Weaponry InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Scorching Lava InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Scouting Trek InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Searing Rays InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Seashell Cameo InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.01
Seer's Vision InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.01
Serpentine Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Shackles InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Shimmering Wings InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Shivan Emissary InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Shivan Harvest InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.02
Shivan Oasis InvasionLand Uncommon $0.02
Shivan Zombie InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Shoreline Raider InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Simoon InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Skittish Kavu InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Skizzik InvasionCreature Rare $0.34
Sky Weaver InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Sleeper's Robe InvasionEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.01
Slimy Kavu InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Slinking Serpent InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Smoldering Tar InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.01
Soul Burn InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Sparring Golem InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Spinal Embrace InvasionInstant Rare $0.02
Spirit of Resistance InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.29
Spirit Weaver InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Spite Malice InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.45
Spreading Plague InvasionEnchantment Rare $2.21
Stalking Assassin InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Stand Deliver InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.34
Stand or Fall InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.01
Sterling Grove InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.16
Stormscape Apprentice InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Stormscape Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Strength of Unity InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Stun InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Sulam Djinn InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Sulfur Vent InvasionLand Common $0.01
Sunscape Apprentice InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Sunscape Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Swamp InvasionLand Common $0.01
Swamp InvasionLand Common $0.01
Swamp InvasionLand Common $0.01
Swamp InvasionLand Common $0.01
Sway of Illusion InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.01
Tainted Well InvasionEnchant Land Common $0.01
Tangle InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.33
Tectonic Instability InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.30
Teferi's Care InvasionEnchantment Uncommon $0.01
Teferi's Moat InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.20
Teferi's Response InvasionInstant Rare $0.20
Tek InvasionArtifact Creature Rare $0.02
Temporal Distortion InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Thicket Elemental InvasionCreature Rare $0.06
Thornscape Apprentice InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Thornscape Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.01
Thunderscape Apprentice InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Thunderscape Master InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Tidal Visionary InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Tigereye Cameo InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.01
Tinder Farm InvasionLand Common $0.01
Tolarian Emissary InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Tower Drake InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Tranquility InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Traveler's Cloak InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Treefolk Healer InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Trench Wurm InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Treva's Attendant InvasionArtifact Creature Uncommon $0.01
Treva, the Renewer InvasionCreature Rare $0.11
Tribal Flames InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Troll-Horn Cameo InvasionArtifact Uncommon $0.01
Tsabo Tavoc InvasionCreature Rare $0.14
Tsabo's Assassin InvasionCreature Rare $0.02
Tsabo's Decree InvasionInstant Rare $0.12
Tsabo's Web InvasionArtifact Rare $0.45
Turf Wound InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Twilight's Call InvasionSorcery Rare $1.18
Undermine InvasionInstant Rare $0.60
Urborg Drake InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Urborg Emissary InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Urborg Phantom InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Urborg Shambler InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Urborg Skeleton InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Urborg Volcano InvasionLand Uncommon $0.01
Urza's Filter InvasionArtifact Rare $0.19
Urza's Rage InvasionInstant Rare $0.51
Utopia Tree InvasionCreature Rare $0.07
Verdeloth the Ancient InvasionCreature Rare $0.13
Verduran Emissary InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Viashino Grappler InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Vicious Kavu InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Vigorous Charge InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Vile Consumption InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.13
Vodalian Hypnotist InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Vodalian Merchant InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Vodalian Serpent InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Vodalian Zombie InvasionCreature Common $0.04
Void InvasionSorcery Rare $0.03
Voracious Cobra InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Wallop InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.01
Wandering Stream InvasionSorcery Common $0.01
Wash Out InvasionSorcery Uncommon $0.12
Wax Wane InvasionInstant Uncommon $0.22
Wayfaring Giant InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Well-Laid Plans InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.02
Whip Silk InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Wings of Hope InvasionEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Winnow InvasionInstant Rare $0.01
Worldly Counsel InvasionInstant Common $0.01
Yavimaya Barbarian InvasionCreature Common $0.01
Yavimaya Kavu InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.01
Yawgmoth's Agenda InvasionEnchantment Rare $0.03
Zanam Djinn InvasionCreature Uncommon $0.02
Zap InvasionInstant Common $0.01

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