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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Allied Strategies PlaneshiftSorcery Uncommon $0.04
Alpha Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Amphibious Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Ancient Spider PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.02
Arctic Merfolk PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Aura Blast PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.02
Aurora Griffin PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Bog Down PlaneshiftSorcery Common $0.02
Caldera Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Cavern Harpy PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.04
Cloud Cover PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.16
Confound PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.03
Crosis's Catacombs PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.04
Crosis's Charm PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.04
Darigaaz's Caldera PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.05
Darigaaz's Charm PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.05
Daring Leap PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.03
Dark Suspicions PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.05
Deadapult PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.04
Death Bomb PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Destructive Flow PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.09
Diabolic Intent PlaneshiftSorcery Rare $1.48
Disciple of Kangee PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.03
Dominaria's Judgment PlaneshiftInstant Rare $0.03
Doomsday Specter PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.07
Draco PlaneshiftArtifact Creature Rare $0.21
Dralnu's Crusade PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.14
Dralnu's Pet PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.03
Dromar's Cavern PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.04
Dromar's Charm PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.03
Eladamri's Call PlaneshiftInstant Rare $1.34
Ertai's Trickery PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.04
Ertai, the Corrupted PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.16
Escape Routes PlaneshiftEnchantment Common $0.02
Exotic Disease PlaneshiftSorcery Uncommon $0.03
Falling Timber PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Flametongue Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Fleetfoot Panther PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.05
Forsaken City PlaneshiftLand Rare $0.56
Gaea's Herald PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.06
Gaea's Might PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Gainsay PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.04
Gerrard's Command PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Goblin Game PlaneshiftSorcery Rare $0.21
Guard Dogs PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Heroic Defiance PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Hobble PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.03
Honorable Scout PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Horned Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.03
Hull Breach PlaneshiftSorcery Common $0.05
Hunting Drake PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Implode PlaneshiftSorcery Uncommon $0.04
Insolence PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.02
Kavu Recluse PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Keldon Mantle PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.02
Keldon Twilight PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.02
Lashknife Barrier PlaneshiftEnchantment Uncommon $0.04
Lava Zombie PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Lord of the Undead PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.16
Maggot Carrier PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Magma Burst PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Magnigoth Treefolk PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.02
Malicious Advice PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Mana Cylix PlaneshiftArtifact Uncommon $0.04
March of Souls PlaneshiftSorcery Rare $0.03
Marsh Crocodile PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.03
Meddling Mage PlaneshiftCreature Rare $3.61
Meteor Crater PlaneshiftLand Rare $0.20
Mire Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Mirrorwood Treefolk PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Mogg Jailer PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Mogg Sentry PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.03
Morgue Toad PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Multani's Harmony PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Uncommon $0.04
Natural Emergence PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.03
Nemata, Grove Guardian PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.95
Nightscape Battlemage PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.05
Nightscape Familiar PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Noxious Vapors PlaneshiftSorcery Uncommon $0.03
Orim's Chant PlaneshiftInstant Rare $5.32
Phyrexian Bloodstock PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Phyrexian Scuta PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.02
Phyrexian Tyranny PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $1.00
Planar Overlay PlaneshiftSorcery Rare $0.03
Planeswalker's Favor PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.03
Planeswalker's Fury PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.03
Planeswalker's Mirth PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.02
Planeswalker's Mischief PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.06
Planeswalker's Scorn PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.02
Pollen Remedy PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.02
Primal Growth PlaneshiftSorcery Common $0.03
Pygmy Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.03
Questing Phelddagrif PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.04
Quirion Dryad PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.03
Quirion Explorer PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Radiant Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.02
Razing Snidd PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Rith's Charm PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.04
Rith's Grove PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.05
Root Greevil PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.03
Rushing River PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.03
Samite Elder PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.06
Samite Pilgrim PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.03
Sawtooth Loon PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Sea Snidd PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Shifting Sky PlaneshiftEnchantment Uncommon $0.04
Shivan Wurm PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.03
Shriek of Dread PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.01
Silver Drake PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Singe PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.02
Sinister Strength PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Sisay's Ingenuity PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.01
Skyship Weatherlight PlaneshiftArtifact Rare $0.11
Skyshroud Blessing PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.05
Slay PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.04
Sleeping Potion PlaneshiftEnchant Creature Common $0.02
Slingshot Goblin PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Sparkcaster PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Star Compass PlaneshiftArtifact Uncommon $0.03
Steel Leaf Paladin PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Stone Kavu PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Stormscape Battlemage PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.05
Stormscape Familiar PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Strafe PlaneshiftSorcery Uncommon $0.04
Stratadon PlaneshiftArtifact Uncommon $0.03
Sunken Hope PlaneshiftEnchantment Rare $0.03
Sunscape Battlemage PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Sunscape Familiar PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.81
Surprise Deployment PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.05
Tahngarth, Talruum Hero PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.07
Terminal Moraine PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.03
Terminate PlaneshiftInstant Common $0.05
Thornscape Battlemage PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Thornscape Familiar PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.01
Thunderscape Battlemage PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Thunderscape Familiar PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Treva's Charm PlaneshiftInstant Uncommon $0.05
Treva's Ruins PlaneshiftLand Uncommon $0.04
Urza's Guilt PlaneshiftSorcery Rare $0.07
Voice of All PlaneshiftCreature Uncommon $0.04
Volcano Imp PlaneshiftCreature Common $0.02
Warped Devotion PlaneshiftEnchantment Uncommon $0.05
Waterspout Elemental PlaneshiftCreature Rare $0.02

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