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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Abhorrent Overlord TherosCreature Rare  
Agent of Horizons TherosCreature Common  
Agent of the Fates TherosCreature Rare  
Akroan Crusader TherosCreature Common  
Akroan Hoplite TherosCreature Uncommon  
Akroan Horse TherosArtifact Creature Rare  
Anax and Cymede TherosLegendary Creature Rare  
Anger of the Gods TherosSorcery Rare  
Annul TherosInstant Common  
Anthousa, Setessan Hero TherosLegendary Creature Rare  
Anvilwrought Raptor TherosArtifact Creature Uncommon  
Aqueous Form TherosEnchantment Common  
Arbor Colossus TherosCreature Rare  
Arena Athlete TherosCreature Uncommon  
Artisan of Forms TherosCreature Rare  
Artisan's Sorrow TherosInstant Uncommon  
Ashen Rider TherosCreature Mythic Rare  
Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver TherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare  
Asphodel Wanderer TherosCreature Common  
Baleful Eidolon TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Battlewise Hoplite TherosCreature Uncommon  
Battlewise Valor TherosInstant Common  
Benthic Giant TherosCreature Common  
Bident of Thassa TherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare  
Blood-Toll Harpy TherosCreature Common  
Boon of Erebos TherosInstant Common  
Boon Satyr TherosEnchantment Creature Rare  
Borderland Minotaur TherosCreature Common  
Boulderfall TherosInstant Common  
Bow of Nylea TherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare  
Breaching Hippocamp TherosCreature Common  
Bronze Sable TherosArtifact Creature Common  
Burnished Hart TherosArtifact Creature Uncommon  
Cavalry Pegasus TherosCreature Common  
Cavern Lampad TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Celestial Archon TherosEnchantment Creature Rare  
Centaur Battlemaster TherosCreature Uncommon  
Chained to the Rocks TherosEnchantment Rare  
Chosen by Heliod TherosEnchantment Common  
Chronicler of Heroes TherosCreature Uncommon  
Coastline Chimera TherosCreature Common  
Colossus of Akros TherosArtifact Creature Rare  
Commune with the Gods TherosSorcery Common  
Coordinated Assault TherosInstant Uncommon  
Crackling Triton TherosCreature Common  
Curse of the Swine TherosSorcery Rare  
Cutthroat Maneuver TherosInstant Uncommon  
Dark Betrayal TherosInstant Uncommon  
Dauntless Onslaught TherosInstant Uncommon  
Daxos of Meletis TherosLegendary Creature Rare  
Deathbellow Raider TherosCreature Common  
Decorated Griffin TherosCreature Uncommon  
Defend the Hearth TherosInstant Common  
Demolish TherosSorcery Common  
Destructive Revelry TherosInstant Uncommon  
Disciple of Phenax TherosCreature Common  
Dissolve TherosInstant Uncommon  
Divine Verdict TherosInstant Common  
Dragon Mantle TherosEnchantment Common  
Elspeth, Sun's Champion TherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare  
Ember Swallower TherosCreature Rare  
Ephara's Warden TherosCreature Common  
Erebos's Emissary TherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon  
Erebos, God of the Dead TherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare  
Evangel of Heliod TherosCreature Uncommon  
Fabled Hero TherosCreature Rare  
Fade into Antiquity TherosSorcery Common  
Fanatic of Mogis TherosCreature Uncommon  
Fate Foretold TherosEnchantment Common  
Favored Hoplite TherosCreature Uncommon  
Felhide Minotaur TherosCreature Common  
Feral Invocation TherosEnchantment Common  
Firedrinker Satyr TherosCreature Rare  
Flamecast Wheel TherosArtifact Uncommon  
Flamespeaker Adept TherosCreature Uncommon  
Fleecemane Lion TherosCreature Rare  
Fleetfeather Sandals TherosArtifact Common  
Fleshmad Steed TherosCreature Common  
Forest TherosBasic Land Basic Land  
Gainsay TherosInstant Uncommon  
Gift of Immortality TherosEnchantment Rare  
Glare of Heresy TherosSorcery Uncommon  
Gods Willing TherosInstant Common  
Gray Merchant of Asphodel TherosCreature Common  
Griptide TherosInstant Common  
Guardians of Meletis TherosArtifact Creature Common  
Hammer of Purphoros TherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare  
Heliod's Emissary TherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon  
Heliod, God of the Sun TherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare  
Hero's Downfall TherosInstant Rare  
Hopeful Eidolon TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Horizon Chimera TherosCreature Uncommon  
Horizon Scholar TherosCreature Uncommon  
Hundred-Handed One TherosCreature Rare  
Hunt the Hunter TherosSorcery Uncommon  
Hythonia the Cruel TherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Ill-Tempered Cyclops TherosCreature Common  
Insatiable Harpy TherosCreature Uncommon  
Island TherosBasic Land Basic Land  
Karametra's Acolyte TherosCreature Uncommon  
Keepsake Gorgon TherosCreature Uncommon  
Kragma Warcaller TherosCreature Uncommon  
Labyrinth Champion TherosCreature Rare  
Lagonna-Band Elder TherosCreature Common  
Lash of the Whip TherosInstant Common  
Last Breath TherosInstant Common  
Leafcrown Dryad TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Leonin Snarecaster TherosCreature Common  
Lightning Strike TherosInstant Common  
Loathsome Catoblepas TherosCreature Common  
Lost in a Labyrinth TherosInstant Common  
Magma Jet TherosInstant Uncommon  
March of the Returned TherosSorcery Common  
Master of Waves TherosCreature Mythic Rare  
Medomai the Ageless TherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Meletis Charlatan TherosCreature Rare  
Messenger's Speed TherosEnchantment Common  
Minotaur Skullcleaver TherosCreature Common  
Mistcutter Hydra TherosCreature Rare  
Mnemonic Wall TherosCreature Common  
Mogis's Marauder TherosCreature Uncommon  
Mountain TherosBasic Land Basic Land  
Nemesis of Mortals TherosCreature Uncommon  
Nessian Asp TherosCreature Common  
Nessian Courser TherosCreature Common  
Nighthowler TherosEnchantment Creature Rare  
Nimbus Naiad TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx TherosLegendary Land Rare  
Nylea's Disciple TherosCreature Common  
Nylea's Emissary TherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon  
Nylea's Presence TherosEnchantment Common  
Nylea, God of the Hunt TherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare  
Observant Alseid TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Omenspeaker TherosCreature Common  
Opaline Unicorn TherosArtifact Creature Common  
Ordeal of Erebos TherosEnchantment Uncommon  
Ordeal of Heliod TherosEnchantment Uncommon  
Ordeal of Nylea TherosEnchantment Uncommon  
Ordeal of Purphoros TherosEnchantment Uncommon  
Ordeal of Thassa TherosEnchantment Uncommon  
Peak Eruption TherosSorcery Uncommon  
Phalanx Leader TherosCreature Uncommon  
Pharika's Cure TherosInstant Common  
Pharika's Mender TherosCreature Uncommon  
Pheres-Band Centaurs TherosCreature Common  
Plains TherosBasic Land Basic Land  
Polis Crusher TherosCreature Rare  
Polukranos, World Eater TherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare  
Portent of Betrayal TherosSorcery Common  
Prescient Chimera TherosCreature Common  
Priest of Iroas TherosCreature Common  
Prognostic Sphinx TherosCreature Rare  
Prophet of Kruphix TherosCreature Rare  
Prowler's Helm TherosArtifact Uncommon  
Psychic Intrusion TherosSorcery Rare  
Purphoros's Emissary TherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon  
Purphoros, God of the Forge TherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare  
Pyxis of Pandemonium TherosArtifact Rare  
Rage of Purphoros TherosSorcery Common  
Rageblood Shaman TherosCreature Rare  
Ray of Dissolution TherosInstant Common  
Read the Bones TherosSorcery Common  
Reaper of the Wilds TherosCreature Rare  
Rescue from the Underworld TherosInstant Uncommon  
Returned Centaur TherosCreature Common  
Returned Phalanx TherosCreature Common  
Reverent Hunter TherosCreature Rare  
Satyr Hedonist TherosCreature Common  
Satyr Piper TherosCreature Uncommon  
Satyr Rambler TherosCreature Common  
Savage Surge TherosInstant Common  
Scholar of Athreos TherosCreature Common  
Scourgemark TherosEnchantment Common  
Sea God's Revenge TherosSorcery Uncommon  
Sealock Monster TherosCreature Uncommon  
Sedge Scorpion TherosCreature Common  
Sentry of the Underworld TherosCreature Uncommon  
Setessan Battle Priest TherosCreature Common  
Setessan Griffin TherosCreature Common  
Shipbreaker Kraken TherosCreature Rare  
Shipwreck Singer TherosCreature Uncommon  
Shredding Winds TherosInstant Common  
Silent Artisan TherosCreature Common  
Sip of Hemlock TherosSorcery Common  
Soldier of the Pantheon TherosCreature Rare  
Spark Jolt TherosInstant Common  
Spear of Heliod TherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare  
Spearpoint Oread TherosEnchantment Creature Common  
Spellheart Chimera TherosCreature Uncommon  
Staunch-Hearted Warrior TherosCreature Common  
Steam Augury TherosInstant Rare  
Stoneshock Giant TherosCreature Uncommon  
Stormbreath Dragon TherosCreature Mythic Rare  
Stymied Hopes TherosInstant Common  
Swamp TherosBasic Land Basic Land  
Swan Song TherosInstant Rare  
Sylvan Caryatid TherosCreature Rare  
Temple of Abandon TherosLand Rare  
Temple of Deceit TherosLand Rare  
Temple of Mystery TherosLand Rare  
Temple of Silence TherosLand Rare  
Temple of Triumph TherosLand Rare  
Thassa's Bounty TherosSorcery Common  
Thassa's Emissary TherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon  
Thassa, God of the Sea TherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare  
Thoughtseize TherosSorcery Rare  
Time to Feed TherosSorcery Common  
Titan of Eternal Fire TherosCreature Rare  
Titan's Strength TherosInstant Common  
Tormented Hero TherosCreature Uncommon  
Traveler's Amulet TherosArtifact Common  
Traveling Philosopher TherosCreature Common  
Triad of Fates TherosLegendary Creature Rare  
Triton Fortune Hunter TherosCreature Uncommon  
Triton Shorethief TherosCreature Common  
Triton Tactics TherosInstant Uncommon  
Two-Headed Cerberus TherosCreature Common  
Tymaret, the Murder King TherosLegendary Creature Rare  
Underworld Cerberus TherosCreature Mythic Rare  
Unknown Shores TherosLand Common  
Vanquish the Foul TherosSorcery Uncommon  
Vaporkin TherosCreature Common  
Viper's Kiss TherosEnchantment Common  
Voyage's End TherosInstant Common  
Voyaging Satyr TherosCreature Common  
Vulpine Goliath TherosCreature Common  
Warriors' Lesson TherosInstant Uncommon  
Wavecrash Triton TherosCreature Common  
Whip of Erebos TherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare  
Wild Celebrants TherosCreature Common  
Wingsteed Rider TherosCreature Common  
Witches' Eye TherosArtifact Uncommon  
Xenagos, the Reveler TherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare  
Yoked Ox TherosCreature Common  

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