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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarityLow Price
Abundance Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.55
Akoum Refuge Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Alms Collector Commander 2017Creature Rare $2.75
Ambition's Cost Commander 2017Sorcery Uncommon $0.20
Anowon, the Ruin Sage Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.70
Apprentice Necromancer Commander 2017Creature Rare  
Arahbo, Roar of the World Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.99
Arcane Sanctum Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.50
Arcanis the Omnipotent Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.70
Archaeomancer Commander 2017Creature Common $0.10
Argentum Armor Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.45
Armillary Sphere Commander 2017Artifact Common $0.20
Atarka, World Render Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.40
Azami, Lady of Scrolls Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.50
Balan, Wandering Knight Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare  
Behemoth Sledge Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.30
Black Market Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $1.25
Blade of the Bloodchief Commander 2017Artifact Rare $1.30
Bladewing the Risen Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.65
Blighted Woodland Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Blind Obedience Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.75
Blood Artist Commander 2017Creature Uncommon  
Blood Baron of Vizkopa Commander 2017Creature Mythic Rare $0.75
Blood Tribute Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.55
Bloodfell Caves Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Bloodforged Battle-Axe Commander 2017Artifact Rare  
Bloodhusk Ritualist Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.20
Bloodline Necromancer Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Bloodlord of Vaasgoth Commander 2017Creature Mythic Rare $0.75
Bloodsworn Steward Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.25
Blossoming Sands Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Body Double Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.45
Bojuka Bog Commander 2017Land Common $1.00
Boneyard Scourge Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.50
Boros Garrison Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Boros Guildgate Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Boros Signet Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.35
Broodmate Dragon Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.45
Butcher of Malakir Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.35
Captivating Vampire Commander 2017Creature Rare $4.50
Cauldron Dance Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.20
Chaos Warp Commander 2017Instant Rare $1.45
Cinder Barrens Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Clone Legion Commander 2017Sorcery Mythic Rare $0.70
Comet Storm Commander 2017Instant Mythic Rare $0.50
Command Tower Commander 2017Land Common $1.20
Commander's Sphere Commander 2017Artifact Common $0.75
Condemn Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.40
Consuming Vapors Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.35
Corpse Augur Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.15
Crackling Doom Commander 2017Instant Rare $0.40
Crimson Honor Guard Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.25
Crosis's Charm Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.20
Crosis, the Purger Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.70
Crucible of Fire Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.60
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon Commander 2017Land Rare $0.25
Crumbling Necropolis Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.45
Crushing Vines Commander 2017Instant Common $0.20
Crux of Fate Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.40
Cultivate Commander 2017Sorcery Common $0.99
Curse of Bounty Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon $0.49
Curse of Disturbance Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon $0.55
Curse of Opulence Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon $1.50
Curse of Verbosity Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon $0.55
Curse of Vitality Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon  
Damnable Pact Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.45
Dark Impostor Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.45
Darksteel Ingot Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.20
Deathbringer Regent Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Decree of Pain Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.90
Dimir Aqueduct Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.50
Dismal Backwater Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Disrupt Decorum Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $3.70
Divine Reckoning Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.40
Door of Destinies Commander 2017Artifact Rare $4.75
Dragon Tempest Commander 2017Enchantment Rare  
Dragonlord's Servant Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Dragonspeaker Shaman Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.95
Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.55
Dreamstone Hedron Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.25
Dromoka, the Eternal Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.45
Earthquake Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.45
Edgar Markov Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.95
Elemental Bond Commander 2017Enchantment Uncommon $0.25
Elfhame Palace Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Etherium-Horn Sorcerer Commander 2017Artifact Creature Rare $0.25
Evolving Wilds Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Exotic Orchard Commander 2017Land Rare $0.45
Falkenrath Noble Commander 2017Creature Common $0.20
Farseek Commander 2017Sorcery Common $0.20
Fell the Mighty Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.25
Fellwar Stone Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.25
Fist of Suns Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.80
Fleecemane Lion Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.70
Forest Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Forest Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Forest Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Forsaken Sanctuary Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Fortunate Few Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.25
Fractured Identity Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $1.10
Frontier Bivouac Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Frontier Siege Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.30
Galecaster Colossus Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Go for the Throat Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $1.00
Grappling Hook Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.40
Grasslands Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.40
Graypelt Refuge Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Grixis Panorama Commander 2017Land Common $0.05
Hammer of Nazahn Commander 2017Legendary Artifact Rare  
Harbinger of the Tides Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Harmonize Commander 2017Sorcery Uncommon $0.50
Haven of the Spirit Dragon Commander 2017Land Rare $0.50
Havengul Lich Commander 2017Creature Mythic Rare $0.95
Hedron Archive Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon  
Heirloom Blade Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.90
Hellkite Charger Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.35
Herald's Horn Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $8.60
Hero's Blade Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.25
Hungry Lynx Commander 2017Creature Rare  
Hunter's Prowess Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.45
Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.00
Intet, the Dreamer Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.75
Into the Roil Commander 2017Instant Common $0.05
Island Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Island Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Island Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Izzet Boilerworks Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Izzet Chemister Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.50
Izzet Chronarch Commander 2017Creature Common $0.10
Jareth, Leonine Titan Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.50
Jazal Goldmane Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.70
Jedit Ojanen of Efrava Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.45
Jungle Shrine Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.30
Jwar Isle Refuge Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Kabira Crossroads Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Kemba, Kha Regent Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.40
Kess, Dissident Mage Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $15.35
Kheru Mind-Eater Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.50
Kindred Boon Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $2.50
Kindred Charge Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $1.10
Kindred Discovery Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $7.50
Kindred Dominance Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $3.00
Kindred Summons Commander 2017Instant Rare  
Kodama's Reach Commander 2017Sorcery Common $1.50
Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.30
Krosan Verge Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.60
Leonin Arbiter Commander 2017Creature Rare $2.90
Leonin Relic-Warder Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.20
Leonin Shikari Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.25
Licia, Sanguine Tribune Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.95
Lightning Greaves Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $3.65
Loxodon Warhammer Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.30
Magus of the Abyss Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.50
Magus of the Mind Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.50
Mairsil, the Pretender Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.25
Malakir Bloodwitch Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.75
Marchesa, the Black Rose Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.50
Mathas, Fiend Seeker Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.45
Memory Plunder Commander 2017Instant Rare $1.10
Merchant of Secrets Commander 2017Creature Common $0.05
Merciless Eviction Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.90
Mercurial Chemister Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.30
Mirari's Wake Commander 2017Enchantment Mythic Rare $8.70
Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $4.35
Mirror of the Forebears Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $1.25
Monastery Siege Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.40
Mortify Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.80
Mosswort Bridge Commander 2017Land Rare $0.40
Mountain Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Mountain Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Mountain Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Myriad Landscape Commander 2017Land Uncommon $1.65
Mystic Monastery Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.30
Mystifying Maze Commander 2017Land Rare $0.65
Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.70
Necromantic Selection Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.25
Nevinyrral's Disk Commander 2017Artifact Rare $1.00
New Blood Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.70
Nihil Spellbomb Commander 2017Artifact Common $0.89
Nin, the Pain Artist Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.75
Nissa's Pilgrimage Commander 2017Sorcery Common $0.15
Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.50
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $1.00
Nivix Guildmage Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.10
Nomad Outpost Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $1.50
Ojutai, Soul of Winter Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.55
Opal Palace Commander 2017Land Common $0.25
Opportunity Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.10
Opulent Palace Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Orator of Ojutai Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Oreskos Explorer Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.20
Orzhov Basilica Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Orzhov Guildgate Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Orzhov Signet Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.30
Outpost Siege Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.40
Painful Truths Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.44
Palace Siege Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.25
Path of Ancestry Commander 2017Land Common $2.25
Patron of the Vein Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.65
Pawn of Ulamog Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.20
Phantom Nishoba Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.75
Plains Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Plains Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Plains Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Polymorphist's Jest Commander 2017Instant Rare $0.55
Portal Mage Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.95
Puppeteer Clique Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.70
Qasali Pridemage Commander 2017Creature Common $1.20
Qasali Slingers Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.95
Quietus Spike Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.95
Rain of Thorns Commander 2017Sorcery Uncommon $0.25
Rakdos Carnarium Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Rakdos Charm Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.20
Rakdos Guildgate Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Rakdos Signet Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.30
Rakish Heir Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Raksha Golden Cub Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.80
Ramos, Dragon Engine Commander 2017Legendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare $4.50
Read the Bones Commander 2017Sorcery Common $0.15
Reality Shift Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.30
Relic Crush Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.30
Return to Dust Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $1.50
Rogue's Passage Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Rout Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.65
Ryusei, the Falling Star Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.90
Saltcrusted Steppe Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.15
Sandsteppe Citadel Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Sangromancer Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Sanguine Bond Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $1.70
Savage Lands Commander 2017Land Uncommon  
Savage Ventmaw Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Scalelord Reckoner Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.95
Scion of the Ur-Dragon Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $1.10
Scoured Barrens Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Scourge of Valkas Commander 2017Creature Mythic Rare  
Sea Gate Oracle Commander 2017Creature Common $0.05
Seaside Citadel Commander 2017Land Uncommon  
Secluded Steppe Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Seht's Tiger Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.35
Selesnya Guildgate Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Selesnya Sanctuary Commander 2017Land Common $0.25
Serendib Sorcerer Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.30
Shadowmage Infiltrator Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Shifting Shadow Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $2.35
Silumgar's Command Commander 2017Instant Rare $0.30
Silumgar, the Drifting Death Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.60
Skeletal Scrying Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.25
Skeletal Vampire Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.55
Skullclamp Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $1.50
Sol Ring Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $2.50
Soul's Majesty Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.45
Spellbound Dragon Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.30
Spelltwine Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $0.30
Spirit of the Hearth Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.60
Staff of Nin Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.50
Stalking Leonin Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.20
Steel Hellkite Commander 2017Artifact Creature Rare $0.65
Stirring Wildwood Commander 2017Land Rare $0.90
Stone Quarry Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Stromkirk Captain Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.30
Sunscorch Regent Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.40
Sunspear Shikari Commander 2017Creature Common $0.25
Swamp Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Swamp Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Swamp Commander 2017Basic Land Basic Land  
Swiftfoot Boots Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $1.00
Swiftwater Cliffs Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Sword of the Animist Commander 2017Legendary Artifact Rare  
Sword of Vengeance Commander 2017Artifact Rare $0.45
Swords to Plowshares Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $1.90
Syphon Mind Commander 2017Sorcery Common $0.15
Taigam, Ojutai Master Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $2.84
Taigam, Sidisi's Hand Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $1.50
Taj-Nar Swordsmith Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.35
Teferi's Protection Commander 2017Instant Rare  
Temple of the False God Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Temur Sabertooth Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.25
Teneb, the Harvester Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.70
Terminate Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.90
Terramorphic Expanse Commander 2017Land Common $0.20
Territorial Hellkite Commander 2017Creature Rare $1.20
The Ur-Dragon Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $2.50
Tithe Drinker Commander 2017Creature Common $0.20
Tranquil Expanse Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.35
Tranquil Thicket Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Traverse the Outlands Commander 2017Sorcery Rare $7.00
Tyrant's Familiar Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.65
Underworld Connections Commander 2017Enchantment Rare $0.40
Unstable Obelisk Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.20
Urborg Volcano Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Utvara Hellkite Commander 2017Creature Mythic Rare $1.10
Vampire Nighthawk Commander 2017Creature Uncommon $0.45
Vein Drinker Commander 2017Creature Rare $0.50
Vela the Night-Clad Commander 2017Legendary Creature Mythic Rare $0.50
Vindictive Lich Commander 2017Creature Rare $2.50
Vivid Crag Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Vivid Creek Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Vivid Grove Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Vivid Marsh Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.20
Vivid Meadow Commander 2017Land Uncommon $0.25
Wasitora, Nekoru Queen Commander 2017Legendary Creature Rare $0.75
Wayfarer's Bauble Commander 2017Artifact Common $0.15
Well of Lost Dreams Commander 2017Artifact Rare $1.10
White Sun's Zenith Commander 2017Instant Rare $0.40
Wind-Scarred Crag Commander 2017Land Common $0.15
Wing Shards Commander 2017Instant Uncommon $0.25
Worn Powerstone Commander 2017Artifact Uncommon $0.40
Zendikar Resurgent Commander 2017Enchantment Rare