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Privacy Policy

Please take a moment to review the following Privacy Policy. It details specifically how we use information provided to us from users and how we protect your privacy.

Privacy Policy
Protecting our customers' privacy is something we take very seriously at CardShark. We strive to protect our customer’s privacy in an era where usage of the public Internet increases exponentially. In order to effectively protect individual private information, we strongly enforce the following Privacy Policy. We collect and, in some cases, disclose information about you. This Privacy Policy will clearly describe what information we collect and what we do with that information. You have the right to know about our practices and how it affects you. The privacy practices of this notice apply to the www.cardshark.com site. As described below, some of your personally identifiable information is disclosed to third parties and used by CardShark and third parties. By accepting the Member Agreement, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of the CardShark Member Agreement.

Our Primary Goal
Our primary goal in collecting personal information from you is to provide you with the best experience possible while using the CardShark site. We do not sell or rent our lists of your personally identifiable information for marketing purposes. We must ensure that all members are totally confident that their information is secure and private. This allows us to provide optimal services and features that meets your needs, and to customize our service to make you experience easier and quicker.

Except as expressly written in this Privacy Policy, this document only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. CardShark may use third party advertisers who adhere to their own privacy customs and policies. Since we do not control the privacy policies of third parties, you are subject to the privacy customs and policies of that third party.

Must be 18
Those under 18 years old are not eligible to use our services and we ask that minors do not submit any personal information to us. If you are a minor, you can use this service only in conjunction with your parents or legal guardians.

Information We Collect
To fully use our services, you will need to register using our online registration form, where you will be required to provide us with your contact information. Individuals who register for this free service may provide us with limited demographic information that we use to sell advertising. We may target ads individually to customers that fit specific profiles, but this information is only disclosed in aggregate form. We will never associate your name and contact information with your demographic profile. We collect the following information through our online registration process:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address, city, state, zip and country
  • Gender (Optional)
  • Age (Optional)
  • Living status (Optional)
  • Income (Optional)
  • Profession (Optional)
  • How you heard about CardShark (Optional)

Cookies and IP Addresses
A cookie is a message given to a Web browser by a Web server. When you browse the web, any cookies that servers might send to your browser are stored in your computer's memory. When you exit your browser, any cookies that haven't expired are written to a cookie file so they can be reloaded the next time you use your browser. Cookies can only be sent to and read by the server that originally generated the cookie. It is not possible for our site to read cookies sent by other sites or personal information on your computer.

A cookie file is NOT a secret way for a web server to find out personal information about you and personal files on your hard drive. There is absolutely no way for a web server to get access to any private information about you or your system through cookies unless you personally gave that information to a web server. Also, there is no possible way that a virus could be spread through the use of cookies. We use cookies to store your preferences and passwords for your convenience, to provide you with a more personalized experience, and to track your use of the CardShark site. You may have the ability to deny some of these cookies but others are integral to your use of the CardShark site. We also use cookies on certain pages of our CardShark site. We may also offer certain features that are only available through the use of a cookie. Among other reasons why we use cookies, cookies allow you to enter your password less frequently during a session. Cookies can also help us provide information that is targeted to your interests. Cookies are stored on your hard drive, not on the CardShark site. Most cookies are automatically deleted at the end of a session. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, although in that case you may not be able to use certain features on the CardShark site and you may be required to reenter your password more frequently during a session.

Purchases, Sales and Other Services.
CardShark automatically stores information about buying and selling transactions and activities.

Referred Information
If you were referred to CardShark from another web site, that web site may send us information that you provided to them. We will collect, use, and protect the information they provide to us, just as if you provided it to us.

Our Services
We primarily use your information to facilitate our services. Since we serve as a venue between buyers and sellers, we ask each user for some personal and payment information before he or she can buy or sell items on the CardShark site. Among other purposes, this information is used to facilitate transactions and the shipping process. We will use your contact information to send you notices regarding your activity on the CardShark site and your transactions with others.

Future Services
We also use your information to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to statistically analyze CardShark site usage, to improve our content and product offerings, and to customize CardShark site's content, layout and services. Keep in mind, our primary goal is to provide you with the best experience possible while using CardShark.

We use your information to alert you to new products, features and happenings on the CardShark site. You have the ability to select whether you wish to receive these notices on your account page on the CardShark site.

Buyers and Sellers
If you participate in a transaction, you will receive the other party's contact information (as a seller), and may receive the seller's contact information when you receive the items (as a buyer). By registering on the CardShark site, your Username will appear next to an item you list for sale. Any person browsing the Internet can view this name and therefore if this name is your email address, you could have unwanted email sent to you.

We can (and you authorize us to) disclose any information about you to law enforcement, other government officials, or third parties attempting to enforce their intellectual or other property rights as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate, in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity that is illegal or may expose us to legal liability.

Third Party Service Providers
We use third party service providers to help with certain aspects of operations that may require disclosure of your personal information to them. For example, we may use a third party service provider to serve ads or deliver some or all of the email sent as part of the CardShark; site's normal operation. We will place extensive contractual confidentiality restrictions on the ability of these third parties to use and disclose your personal information except as necessary to perform the services they are asked to perform. They are prohibited from selling or disclosing your personally identifiable information to third parties.

Your Use of Others Information (Buyers and Sellers)
If you are involved in a transaction with another user you might receive their contact information. By entering into our Member Agreement, you agree that, with respect to other user's personally identifiable information that you obtain through the CardShark site or through any related communication or transaction, we hereby grant to you a license to use such information only for: (a) CardShark site communications that are not unsolicited commercial messages, (b) using third party services offered through the CardShark site (e.g. escrow, insurance, shipping and fraud complaints), and (c) any other purpose that such user expressly opts into after adequate disclosure of the purpose(s). In all cases, you must give users an opportunity to remove themselves from your database and a chance to review what information you have collected about them. In addition, under no circumstances, can you disclose personally identifiable information about another user to any third party without our consent and the consent of such other user after adequate disclosure.

Spam is considered to be electronic or physical junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. Others define spam as any unsolicited e-mail. As a CardShark member you are not licensed to add any user, even a user who has purchased an item from you, to your mail list (email or physical mail) without their consent.

Security of Your Information
We make every effort and follow industry standard practices to safeguard the confidentiality of each user's personal information. Any sensitive information will be encrypted with SSL and stored on secure machines.